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Dutch Profiles: NEXT architects

The 4 partners of NEXT architects have always explored the boundaries of the architectural domain. At NEXT architects, elaborate research is always paired with pragmatic solutions. Size is not restrictive. As their approach serves both small scale projects as well as grand urban designs.

Characteristic for NEXT architects is their analytic use of layers and the original ways they invent to combine different, sometimes even contradicting demands. They inventively connect separate building layers to create simple looking but complex structures. This focus on complementary contrasts turns up in their ideas on slow and fast, a dynamic concept that has always played a quintessential role in their design approach.

Since 2004 NEXT architects has a headquarters in Beijing, China. Partner, John van de Water extends the approach of NEXT architects in the Chinese context of rapid urbanization. For NEXT, these Chinese conditions provide a fertile ground to experiment with Dutch Genes in Chinese Dreams.

→ see the interview: Dutch profiles: NEXT architects

Qi Qi Guai Guai - NEXT in Volkskrant

China is the kindergarten for architects. Or not? Now President Xi Jinping no longer wants 'strange' architecture?

John van de Water from NEXT Beijing explains in this article the challenges of working in China and why NEXT designs are 'approved'.


Interview with John van de Water

An interview by MovingCities with John van de Water.

\'Highly recommended, the book [You Can\'t Change Chian, China Changes You] is a a formidable page-turner telling the story of a five-year long architectural discovery in and of China. Change you can believe in. Change you can construct. A publication of interest for anyone in or related to the architecture profession.\' 

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De Architect: De kern van de zaak

Office interior Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam exposed in an four pages long article in \'de Architect\' and not to forget the cover.

Villa van Vijven | Gouden Piramide

On behalf of the award the Gouden Piramide 2008 a broadcasting showed Villa Overgooi with interviews, flythroughs and comments from the jury.

→ broadcasting Villa Overgooi

Interview with NEXT Beijing

The Dutch Radio station \"Wereldomroep\" had an interview with John van Water about NEXT architects Beijing

→ listen to the interview

five recent projects in A+U


NEXT architects combines the design practice with innovative research. This research explores the potential that arises from contemporary urban, cultural, and social developments and is characterized by a survey into new typologies that appeal to actual phenomena as scale-enlargement  and the fading of physical and virtual boundaries. A motive behind many projects is moblity and accessibility, where on different levels of scale the relation between urban development and movement evolves.

Summa: A Changed Perspective

Cuando en 1969 los astronautas del Apollo 11 vieron por primera vez el planeta Tierra desde la perspectiva del espacio, percibieron claramente un rompecabezas de tierra y agua. En su camino de vuelta a Orlando, sin embargo, su perspectiva del planeta se transformo. El continente al que ellos se acercaban se conirtio en una acumulacion cohenete de superficies amarillas, marrones, verdes y azules.

Sailing Congress BNA Designing the Delta

The impact of climate change on Netherlands is drastic. In the coming future we'll be faced with extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels. On December 11th, 2014 BNA organized the first sailing congress 'Designing the Delta' featuring Henk Ovink (Principal Rebuild by design) and Michel Schreinemachers (NEXT architects). Designers, engineers, policy makers are jointly thinking of how the effects of climate change will influence the spatial environment. What can we learn from four best practices domestic and abroad?

see the interview -->

Korea Focus: Seoulutions

Korea Focus has published an article about our latest publication, Seoulutions.

\"Why was he so enthralled by the ordinary landscape that lies outside the realm of architectural theory and critique? In his eyes, Seoul is not a city that can be reformed in an orderly fashion like the modern cities of the West. (...) Reuser called the rugged contours the silhouette, and he focused on the changes that took place within.\"

Review: Modern Architecture Game


This review appeared in De Volkskrant (NL) on friday 13 januari 2012.

NEXT projects in De Architect

'Vruchten van een collectieve inspanning'. A duo article on two NEXT projects both developed for an association consisting of private clients. Outstanding examples of the opportunities an association can generate.

MARK: No fooling about

An extensive, 14 pages longinterview, an inside into our office, our works, our method, China, droog design and more...

AT5: Overamstel + our office

Amsterdam\'s regional broadcasting network, AT5, made a special programme on our area, the Overamstel district, featuring the Kauwgomballenfabriek. The programme gives a sneak view of the interior of our office, which is situated in this new creative hotspot. It also features some perspective sketches of the future development of this area that have been taken from our study Overamstel. 

→ AT5 In aanbouw

Slow Glow in the NY Times

The New York Times about the Slow Glow, formaly known as Fatlamp:

\"Likewise, the 2004 “Fatlamp” by NEXT Architects and Aura Luz Melis, whose globe is filled with fat that partly melts when the light is on, is a multiple sculpture that Josef Beuys should have made, but never did. \"

→ NY Times dec. 30, 2006

NEXT in Architectuur NL


Interview with Michel Schreinemachers about the quest to integrate design and construction when designing a bridge.



Hestia Daycare in De Architect

A 5 pages spread of Hestia Daycare centre is included in the January issue of De Architect. You can read about Hestia on their website, of click on the download link below to read the article! 


NEXT architects is selected for the publication \'Architecture of Consequence - Dutch designs on the future\'. The book discusses the work of 25 Dutch design firms that all approach city-making from the context of societal issues. Contemporary design practices are held up to scrutiny, using the conclusions delivered by ‘Shape our Country’ as a benchmark. The result is an agenda for spatial innovation which will serve as a springboard for urban design and architecture in the years to come. It reflects the mounting international awareness that seeking solutions to the most pressing issues of our day is everyone’s concern. The themes are universal – they motivate and move the entire international architecture community, with which this book is also a call to designers to create a better world.

-->  Architecure of Consequence is now available from NAI Booksellers
--> contribution NEXT architects: Equal = unequal

Bauwelt: Villa Overgooi

Bauwelt published an article on Villa Overgooi, describing the complete process from initiation till completion.

Interview John van de Water on vk.tv

Before the Olympics started vk.tv made a series of documentaries on the building explosion in China and especially in Beijing. John van de Water showed them several of our building sites. For the interview you can visit http://www.vk.tv/video/1050702 


Amsterdam based, next architects approach architecture from many points. since beginning in 1999, the studio
has developed research, products and buildings that explore the overlapping space between these disciplines.
they have developed a number of product for droog design as well as urban plans, buildings, interiors and bridges around the world. they also opened an office in beijing in partnership with huan yang architecture. their recently re-designed site features a series of projects from the past and current work still in progress. here is a selection of projects that demonstrate their multi-disciplinary work.

→ designboom

Experimentation on a silver plate

NEXT, a team of Dutch architects, is serving the fruits of their experimentation in architectural design on a silver plate. Research lying somewhere between sign and design, philosophy and magic, Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers and John van de Water seem to be striving for a revival in magic after its defeat at the hands of northern European enlightenment thinking. Indeed it was Emanual Kant, the epitome of that turn against magic, who set the limits of reason that was banned from forming metaphysical constructs.

Nowadays, we tend to treat the work of wild romantic architects, gurus and mercenaries as magic. A certain strain of modern-day critical thinking is even inclined to resort to such figures in the search for an antidote to the rule of technology, which they feel is responsible for wiping out any trace of transcendentalism. But this is just an old misunderstanding.