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This book is a contempo­rary report of the continuous transformation of one of the most fascinating areas of Seoul: Hongdae. It is a report of the search on the steering powers behind unique solutions for the city; the Seoulutions. It is also an ode to Hongdae, an ode to the dynamic city with important lessons for urban transformations everywhere.

Bart Reuser, partner at NEXT architects, is linked to the University of Seoul where he received the opportunity to experience the city of Seoul from the inside and analyse the organization of it.

The book is published by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA), it is part of the Freestyle series in which architects deepen out their fascination for a self-chosen subject.

Seoulutions -  can be ordered at the BNA Shop (BNA-members: € 10, non members € 15).


Plea for Residential-Commercial buildings

The separation of residential and commercial functions is a tenacious inheritance of the industrial society and the outdated modernist ideals that went with it. Since the 1990s, a number of social and economic trends have initiated changes that created doubts about the limitations caused by this separation...

→ Pleidooi voor woon-werkgebouwen
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Landscape of Labour

More and more, the office building is being separated from the programme it has to accommodate. This results in flexible buildings in which swapping residential space for commercial space is within the bounds of possibility. The question remains, however, whether this development produces architecture. In many cases, a client will not be using the building personally. History teaches us that the opposite was true of all the interesting buildings in the past. The advent of other types of work space, however, offers new architectural opportunities.

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Seoulutions in S+RO

S+RO published a spread on Seoulutions, the latest publication by NEXT architects/Bart Reuser. A copy of the article is available for download. For more information on the magazine, please visit www.s-ro.nl.

Prototypes or Series?

Reducing buildings to a number of types may be elucidating, but it also involves dangers, namely that typological knowledge becomes restrictive and results in more and more repetitions of the same. Research conducted in Delft was in favour of a new arrangement of features, that is: according to building volume – then typification will follow naturally.

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Project File Residential & Commercial Buildings

This publication contains detailed documentation on studies and building projects around the Residential & Commercial theme that has been studied in depth at the Housing Department of Delft University of Technology by means of a variety of studies and student projects. The book is the offspring of the ‘Specific to Generic’ symposium that was held in March 2005 and that initiated a more profound approach to the subject . . .

The publication is available at the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences of Delft University of Technology.

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NEXT architects participated in a research project by Habiforum. The project resulted in a book, published by SDU Uitgevers.  Six architecture practices worked out the Residential & Commercial theme within the context of an existing project by one of their colleagues.

NEXT architects worked with an initial proposal by Micha de Haas architects, while ANA architects elaborated the NEXT project ‘Landscape of Labour’, and Micha de Haas based his work on the NEXT project ‘Woensel West’.

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Terra Incognita

This plea is a call for the (re)introduction of wastelands, blind spots and lost grounds in Dutch urban design. A plea nourished by a romantic, nostalgic longing for space to discover, conquer and get lost in – but especially by the assumption that sustainable urban design must include the ability to transform...

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Travels through paradise

Who still plays with trains? Well, more people than you might think, and not just ordinary people but, given the opportunity, designers apparently also like to play with trains. This is evident at the exhibition organized by Platform 21 ...

→ Travels through paradise

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