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Michel Schreinemachers, Marijn Schenk and Bart Reuser, with Jurriaan Hillerström, Wiebe Strick, Boris Gohin, Javier Ruiz Ilundain, Giulia Di Dio Balsamo with Pieter Schengenga, Jaap van der Salm, Inge Kersten, (H+N+S landschapsarchitecten), Arjan Vergeer, and Bart Feenstra
Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) and the Province of Overijssel
Spatial Quality Plan, design and realisation of artworks
Kampen, The Netherlands
H+N+S landscape architects
Isala Delta

Ruimte voor de Rivier IJsseldelta is a large-scale infrastructure project that combines water management and urban development with the creation of a new ecological delta area around the Reevediep. The area spans over 350 hectares and includes new hiking-, biking trails and a waterway for recreational sailing. A new residential area for Kampen will arise on the dike. NEXT architects is involved in the realisation within the consortium Isala Delta, with a.o. Boskalis and Van Hattum en Blankevoort.

Earlier, NEXT and H+N+S landscape architects were responsible for the Spatial Quality Plan in commission of Rijkswaterstaat and the Dutch province of Overijssel. This document includes the design and construction requirements for the artworks, bridges and floodgates. The Spatial Quality Plan focuses on the experience of the water and the new delta landscape around the Reevediep. An integrated approach was chosen, thereby creating a unity in detail and material for the different artworks in the area. The Plan’s requirements are then translated in specific designs for each artwork, bridge, floodgate, or recreational waterway. This phase has been realised in close collaboration with contractor Isala Delta.

One of the most extraordinary artworks realized by NEXT is the Nieuwendijksebrug, the bridge that crosses the Reevediep. The bridge is part of the new road Nieuwendijk that runs west of the existing N50 and the Hanzelijn. The bridge has a length of  approximately 360-meter and is an iconic element in the local recreational trail. It spans from the northern to the southern bypass embankments and follows historical line of the Nieuwendijk.

Nieuwendijksebrug is modest in both form and material. All the attention is on the landscape and the experience of the water. The bridge’s strength comes from the clear design and carefully designed details. The abutments are high to create space under the bridge for cycling, walking, and dike maintenance. While on the bridge’s deck, the fence is open and transparent to work as a balcony with  an uninterrupted view over the Reevediep and its natural area. When the water level rises,  the bridge becomes the evacuation route to an outer dike. The dynamics of the changing water levels in the IJsseldelta become an inseparable part of the architecture.