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Youth Dwellings Oosterheem

Type: Housing Location: Oosterheem, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands Client: De Goede Woning Team: Michel Schreinemachers, Marijn Schenk, Bart Reuser, Joost Lemmens, Jurrian Knijtijzer, Pieter Mulder, Anabel Arsenault, Murk Wymenga, Maria Salinas Floor area / size: 4.000 m2 Contractor: BAM woningbouw Photographer: Jordi Huisman Completion: 2012 Status: realised

2012-11-20 welcomes its first residents 2012-03-20 Residents visit for first time 2011-11-03 breaking ground

Waterzicht is a new neighborhood in Zoetermeer with a mixture of row housing and apartment blocks with affordable or low-cost housing for young people; the newcomers on the housing market. It is part of the rich tradition in social housing. Main question is how to create a high standard living area in relation to the limited budget.


The four apartment buildings are divided by communal gardens. The apartments share one entrance. The main volume of the blocks is kept sober in accordance to the overall appearance of the area. It derives its special character to the staggered brick layers and provides the residential blocks of a robust uniform appearance. In accordance to the young inhabitants the communal entrances and corridors are emphasized by the use of vivid colors. Each individual building appears with its own recognizable color what draws attention to the communal  character and creates tension in the overall picture.

Together with the contractor BAM Woningbouw and the client De Goede Woning the 40 dwellings are developed within the W&R program. It sets a new standard for this type of housing with an efficient building process combined with high standards in sustainability. As a result, the energy costs is reduced to a staggering 50% in comparison to a 'normal' apartment, beneficial to the tenants.