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Huygens` Dok

Type: Offices, Commercial Space, Interior Location: Amsterdam Client: Lingotto bv Team: Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Tara Steenvoorden, Maarten Vermeulen, Joost Lemmens, Marieke Spits Floor area / size: 6.200 sqm Contractor: Dura Vermeer, Amsterdam Construction: Van Rossum Ingenieurs Installations: Ingenieursbureau Linssen Status: Realized

2012-06-07 Huygens'Dok is near to completion

The building on Helmholtzstraat 61 dates back to 1961 and is centrally located in Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam, and designed by Piet Zanstra. Till recently it was in use as the district office and desperately in need of renovation. 

For the re-construction of the Helmholtzstraat, a design concept is based on a careful renovation in order to bring back the originally intended qualities. A big intervention is made in the structure at the entry, in order to open up the building to its surroundings and bring daylight into the atrium - the heart of the building- which functions as a communal space. 

The heart in the building includes a bar and restaurant and will form the connection between the shopping area on the first floor, and the gym and offices higher up in the building. After renovation, the Amsterdam housing association de Alliantie moved in with their office including their customer center. 


The building is renamed as Huygens’dok including the restaurant. 

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