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The Green Room

Type: Leisure, entertaiment, shopping Location: Tilburg Client: De Groene Kamer Collaborator / associate: Brinkgroep, B+B stedenbouw en landschapsarchitectuur, Mobiusconsult Competition: first prize Start building: 2013 Completion: 2016

2012-01-01 De Groene Kamer: two first prizes!

The Green Room project aims to bring man closer to nature. On the outskirts of the Dutch town Tilburg it acts as a hub between city and countryside. It links the demand for an open and green space with the demand for spiritual and intellectual meditation, or just to relax. At the same time everyday activities find a place in The Green Room which connects various programs for leisure, retail, education, sports, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. In this way the Green Room facilitates both a physical and a mental experienced transition from city to country. This provides a promising spatial innovation that will transplant shopping from a familiar urban context into a rural setting.

Strengthening the relationship between town and countryside, between an attractive living space and a healthy green environment is more important than ever. A common desire at the smallest scale is to live in a house with a garden. On a much higher level there is a similar desire active in each city that the is translated in to the need for big green spaces that are easily accessible. The Green Room is an answer to this question by a rich variety of urban amenities offered in a landscape setting. As a hub between town and country it offers all the comfort of the city in shopping, recreation, education, wellness, sport and culture, situated in a rural green area. In the end The Green Room is the best both worlds.


With first prizes in the categories Blok and Haak, a second prize for the Solitaire and a third prize for the Campus typology, the team of NEXT, B+B, Brink Groep and Mobius consult made a successful entry in the restricted competition for De Groene Kamer, a 30 hectare mix of eco-retail, ‘edutainment’, leisure program and nature just outside the city boundaries of Tilburg.

The proposals by the NEXT team present a conscientious refinement, from the big gesture down to the minutest details, according to the jury, chaired by Ton Venhoeven.

Realization of the project, based on a masterplan by .Fabric and Lola landscapes, is scheduled to start in 2013.