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Hestia Daycare

Type: Daycare Location: Amsterdam Client: Hestia Team: Marijn Schenk, Bart Reuser, Michel Schreinemachers, Claudia Linders with Toon van Schijndel, Agatha Osika, Ieda Alvarez Dogo Collaborator / associate: Claudia Linders | Labeled Floor area / size: 200 sqm Cost: Euro 87.000,00 Contractor: Nieuwenhuizen Bouwservice Management Installations: EWW Carpenter: Gielissen Interior & Exhibitions BV Completion: August 2007 Status: Completed

2012-03-23 Honorable mention BNA Gebouw van het Jaar 2012 award! 2007-11-27 PUBLICATION | DOUBLE SCORE IN DE ARCHITECT

Child-care centre Hestia is located on the second story of a EEA-designed multifunctional building, in which schools for children of other ages are also located.  The space must provide room for different types of activities, and a balanced context in which the child can blossom.

Dance, theatre, music, reading, study, cooking and drawing are all activities which children should be able to carry out at Hestia. Above all, the child-tenders want a space that is easily supervised and restful, that works as a backdrop to personal development. Children should be able to find a place they feel is their own, where it is possible to pullback from the others in the group without being able to fully elude the attentions of the adults.
The available space, the architectonic elements and the demands of the client resulted in the decision  to furnish the space using one large, multifunctional element. This element would serve to divide up the space into different areas, while simultaneously creating a connection between the activities, thereby maintaining continuity and community. A landscape is created as tangible environment on a child-sized scale, offering possibilities and challenging the children to participate; which provides cover or shelter where needed and adventure where possible.