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2007-12-01 Huis te Wiel | Huis te Wiel in De Gelderlander

Provincial newspaper De Gelderlander published an extensive article on the estate Huis te Wiel. After completion of the construction works, the reconstruction of the landscape started. The official opening of Huis te Wiel is planned for may 2008.

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The November issue of leading architectural magazine De Architect features two of our recent projects: The Spacer Chair, a collaboration with Studio Boon and Hestia Daycare, a collaboration with Claudia Linders.

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2007-11-14 Incoming project | competition for 12 bridges in Eindhoven

NEXT architects has been selected for an invited competition for 12 bridges in the Meerland park in Eindhoven. NEXT has to compete with Zwarts & Jansma, VHP, DAF and IPV Delft. Check our website at the end of January for the results of the competition.

2007-11-10 IBM office and research center | Construction at full speed

The specific composition of different scaled ellipses becomes visible in the rapid progress of the construction works. The picture shows a view of one of the inner courts with the office-bar crossing the main ellipse.

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2007-10-22 Presentation of the study Mixing in the City

At october 22 the research publication WoonWerk will be presented to the Minister of Housing. NEXT architects participated in this research project by Habiforum with a study into very deep buildings which, by their depth, generate a great diversity in program.

Read our study at NEXT on stage > articles by NEXT architects

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2007-10-10 Wieden + Kennedy | Red entrance floor

The red floor of the Wieden + Kennedy building is one of the first finishing layers, which means the end is coming into sight. This space will be the entrance of the building but can be turned into a theater too.

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2007-10-01 Waterstone Sales Center | Selling center of Xidan shopping nears completion

The glass facades of the selling center are put into place and makes the slightly disturbed shape of the building visible.

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2007-10-01 Huis te Wiel | Huis te Wiel nears completion

The construction work on the estate Huis te Wiel is almost ready. After finishing the houses, the contractor will start with the realization of the landscaping and the communal court.

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2007-09-14 Drytech 3 | Spacer Chair | DRYTECH NEW PRODUCTS AND EXHIBITION

Within the context of Dry tech, the experimental lab of Droog Design, NEXT architects developed in collaboration with Samira Boon two new products. The aim of the Droog lab is to make innovative products out of new materials, mainly textiles and composites. As outcome we show the ‘Spacer Chair’, made out of sandwich braided material and the ‘Woven Waffle Screen’ for which we also developed the textile at the Textile Museum in Tilburg (NL). Both products are developed in cooperation with product / textile designer Samira Boon.

more info:

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2007-08-07 IBM office and research center | Construction started

The enormous building pit  for the IBM office is ready to be build. The building has to be ready before the olympic games.

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2007-05-16 Wieden + Kennedy | Reconstruction started

Starting from today the Herengracht 258 will be transformed in the next couple of months. in december Wieden + Kennedy has to move in leaving their office at the Keizersgracht.

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