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B@home is a lively metropolis within a building. The residential complex in Amsterdam Nieuw-West consists of 300 apartments, 2000m2 of office space, and various commercial and social facilities. It resembles a small-scale 'city' with a wide variety of services, where everything is within reach. B@home is more than just an accessible place to live; it is an ecosystem in which social sustainability is central.
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers with Bobby de Graaf, Jate Bleeker, Leire Alvarez , Reza Hamidi

Van der Vorm Engineering, Valstar Simonis, OMRT, DGMR, Pleijzier Bouw

Exploring district development

The new apartment complex is at the start of a major neighborhood renewal of the Schinkelkwartier. By restoring the historical connection between the Amsterdam districts of Nieuw-West and Zuid, the neighborhood is transforming from an abandoned industrial area into a well-connected urban district. B@home offers affordable housing for starters and responds to the current housing problem in Amsterdam.

The residential building will be built on the former IBM-site, next to B.Amsterdam; a dynamic hotspot for startups, freelancers, and small businesses, that was also designed by NEXT. With its unique character and vibrant community, B. has grown to be the social heart of the emerging urban district. The addition of housing completes the range of facilities. It contributes to the development of the district and makes the Schinkelkwartier a lively city neighbourhood.

Connecting residents and neighbors

The inspiring living environment of B@home offers residents and neighbors all the necessary individual and shared facilities to grow towards a better future, together with others. Stimulating meetings and interaction in the building and creating a lively community are central to this. The various communal areas are intended as accessible ‘extended living rooms’. For example, there will be a large shared kitchen, where people can cook together or welcome a larger group. The homely living room of the building forms a central place in the neighborhood that promotes social connection and involvement between residents of the building and neighbors. The various facilities not only offer the perfect balance between living and working needs, but also cultural and leisure needs.

Creating an inviting community

The open appearance of the entrance marks the mentality of the building: a cozy and inviting place, where people enjoy spending time and feel welcome. The communal facilities in the plinth complement the facilities that are already present in B, such as the shared kitchen and living room, an event space, and various workplaces.

In addition to the collective program in the plinth of the building, the various gardens and (roof) terraces also serve as important meeting places for the growing community. The communal courtyard garden on the ground floor, the terrace on the first floor and the green roof garden provide a smooth transition between inside and outside. The green zones each have their own program and provide space for residents to exercise, barbecue, garden, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

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