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Perspectives in the era of urbanization

In September 1999 we started on a voyage round the world. The main goal was to freeze The Image of Metropolis at the turn of the millennium under the increasing influence of globalisation. We selected over seventy subjects, things that we expected to encounter in each city. For 125 days, 24 hours a day, we were citizens of the world. 26 cities in 14 countries, 125 days, 246,083.2 km, 74 flights and 12,500 slides later, we collected all images and impressions for an exhibition and publication.

ABC of Metropolis Flyovers

In 2000 the average commute time worldwide is 66 minutes. In 2050 the more wealthy will travel four times the distance they do today, though their commute time will still be one hour a day. A light-rail-system has been built in Bangkok, because the average speed of a car in Bangkok was merely 8 km/h.

With still over a million people commuting by bike in Beijing, off-highway the bike is superior to the car. In LA the car means freedom, there are no commuter patterns and the city has incredible gridlocks.

Cities explored

Moscow | Cairo | Johannesburg | Mumbai | Bangkok | Kuala Lumpur | Singapore | Hong Kong | Shenzhen | Guangzhou | Shanghai | Beijing | Tokyo | Osaka | Kyoto | Los Angeles | Chicago | Mexico City | New York | Santiago | Buenos Aires | São Paulo | Rio de Janeiro | Brasilia  | Amsterdam

ABC of Metropolis Public space

Traditional public space is being replaced by conditionally space in malls. Throughout the world the cities' public realm has become neglected and eroded. Therefor new types of public space are being provided by malls scattered across the metropolis. In these malls climate and safety are controlled. In an attempt to revive the traditional excitement and liveability of real-life city centres, customers are attracted by roller coasters, skating rinks and amusement arcades.

ABC of Metropolis Cityscape

Over 60 million people are added to the urban population every year. In 1950, six of the ten largest cities were in the United States or Europe. By 2015, all of the top ten will be located in other parts of the world. In 1975 19% of all Chinese lived in cities, in 1999 30%; by 2015 the figure will be 55%. Each hour 5000 peasants arrive at Beijing central station in search of work. 70% of the people who travel by metro at any time in the morning are peasants seeking employment.

More Metropolis

Out of all the material collected we created an interactive cdrom. Here you can explore what we explored for 125 days at the end of the Millennium.