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Windesheim bridges

The monumental estate Windesheim has been enriched with eight new bridges, designed by NEXT architects. Together they... → view project

Kaap: Blanc

At the unique location on the banks of the IJ in Amsterdam-Noord, NEXT architects designed the residential tower... → view project

Wooden Diekloper bridge

The new wooden Diekloper bridge in Delfzijl provides a natural connection between the city and the sea. In a... → view project

House M&M Funen

The 30-metre-long black, graphic facade of House M&M immediately catches the eye as you walk along the perimeter... → view project


Red, robust, rust. The apartment tower for student housing is a powerful accent on the Oostenburgermiddenstraat. In... → view project

Dafne Schippers Bicycle Bridge

This unique design integrates a bicycle and pedestrian bridge with a school and a park into one cohesive whole. As... → view project


The Zalige bridge in Nijmegen is the key project linked to water and its uses within the urban river park that was... → view project

UvA Science Park

NEXT and Christensen & Co, i.c.w. Pieters Bouwtechniek and Bremen Bouwadviseurs, made a design for the new... → view project

It Goddeloas Fiersicht

As a ground drilling through time, the landmark ‘It Goddeloas Fiersicht’ connects past and present to... → view project

Beijing Times Square

Beijing Times Square' is a mixed-use project located in the center of Beijing Fangshan District. It is completely... → view project


We are making the aesthetic design for the development of Kavel C, between the railway and the Kruisvaart canal in... → view project


The RijnlandRoute is the new road connection between the A4 and Katwijk in the Netherlands. This new provincial road... → view project

The Bay View Cascais

Situated on the Atlantic coast, Cascais is one of Portugal’s main tourist destinations nearby the capital... → view project

De Centrale As - N356

Construction of the N356 De Centrale As, a highway connecting the N31 south of Burgum with the Dokkum ring road, is a... → view project

Tramsquare Purmerend and Avia gas station

Purmerend’s new Tram Square is a place for encounters. For many years, this area around the canal was... → view project

Vlotwatering Bridge

The Vlotwateringbrug or popularly ‘batbridge’ has opened for the public in the beginning of October. The... → view project


The project is located on a complicated site, in the old city centre of Fuzhou, the capital of the Fujian Province.... → view project

A'DAM Works

After 40 years, the A'DAM tower opened to the general public to enjoy a unique spot in Amsterdam. ADAM is... → view project

De Adaptieve Dijk

The water rises, the dikes are getting higher and higher. What can we do more with a dike besides widening and... → view project


The study “Seoulutions” attempts to find a solution to the desire for more transformation opportunities... → view project

Access road Amersfoort West

To improve the traffic flow on the west side of Amersfoort a new route is being realised. The 2km long auto route... → view project

Palace Het Loo

Palace Het Loo is a unique ensemble consisting of a late seventeenth-century palace, baroque gardens, a stables and a... → view project

Hestia Daycare

Child-care centre Hestia is located on the second story of a EEA-designed multifunctional building, in which schools... → view project

100% Block City Moscow

New city quarter with residential use within A101 urban development → view project

Modern Architecture Game

Playing is knowing. Test your knowledge of the greatest architects, their famous buildings and legendary quotes. → view project


The ground floor of the building at the Rubensstraat 66 is transformed into a contemporary office. The original... → view project

Campus Woudestein

For the Rotterdam Erasmus University, NEXT architects designed the student pavilion Woudenstein in... → view project

IBM Office and Research Center

This IBM research-office building is situated in a new, green IT-development zone in North-west Beijing. The given... → view project

Drytech 3 | Spacer Chair

In the context of ‘Drytech 3’, NEXT architects, in collaboration with Studio Samira Boon, manufactured... → view project

Circle Path

Design for 1 hectare 'museum'-forest → view project

Density Studies

Between 2004 and 2007, NEXT formed a research team with Professor Rudy Uytenhaak and Jeroen Mensink BSc at Delft... → view project

Beijing Normal University dorm

Chinese university dormitories are strictly divided worlds of girls and boys. For this typical university dormitory,... → view project

Sense of Place, Atlas Cultural Ecology Rotterdam

The Atlas of Cultural Ecology of Rotterdam was commissioned by the High-Rise Team and has been drawn up by Arnold... → view project


HOOF means courtyard living (in Dutch hof), but on a certain height (hoogte). By stacking courtyards next to and on... → view project

Bargiekaai KU Leuven

Anchored in the landscape, the Bargiekaai project, which consists of two volumes, is the first major construction... → view project

VRIJDAG Cultural Centre

Cultural centre that opens for all VRIJDAG gives home to creative spaces and interaction, with no barriers to enter... → view project


RIV// responds to the major demand for spacious family homes in and around the city of Amsterdam. This residential... → view project

Maaspoints: Water Woods

On the south side of the Van Brienenoord island in the Maas river in Rotterdam, NEXT architects, and H+N+S Landscape... → view project

International School Utrecht

School around a green heart The ISUtrecht is designed with a wide range of different, open and closed learning... → view project

Reutlinger Band

The new, wooden pedestrian and bicycle bridge is a destination and a viewing point that intensifies and activates the... → view project


In Eindhoven Noordwest, dichtbij de luchthaven en de A2, wordt een nieuwe, grootschalige campus voor de High Tech... → view project


The bridge over the Emscher is the final piece of the large-scale redevelopment works in the Ruhr area that... → view project

Hoge Blekker Watchtower

How do you create a touristic landmark that catches people’s attention whilst fluidly merging with the... → view project

Forest Pavilion Loenen

The pavilion for commemoration and educational is located in Loenen’s dense forest. The building brings... → view project

Silo Zeeburgereiland

NEXT, in collaboration with DubbelL, Rialto and Ovium, created the plan for a FilmSilo in the former fermentation... → view project


Having been vacant for 11 years, the former IBM premises in Rieker Business Park in Amsterdam seemed unsuitable for... → view project

Lucky Knot

The new steel pedestrian bridge in the Chinese mega city Changsha is 185 metres long and 24 metres high and fits... → view project

Rose Museum

On 23 May 2016, the world’s first Rose Museum officially opened to the public. This is the same day as the... → view project

House Buiksloterham

The design of this private residence in the no-frills, former industrial part of Amsterdam North was inspired by the... → view project

Tranformation People’s Education Press Beijing

NEXT architects transformed the former factory of the People’s Education Press (PEP) in the centre of... → view project

Lighting Design De Centrale As

How to light a road that has been so carefully integrated into the national landscape of the Noardlike Fryske... → view project

The Elastic Perspective

The design consists of a circular stair which leads the visitor up to a height that allows an unhindered view of the... → view project


This building was designed like a city. At the Hestia Daycare Centre children go on a voyage of discovery and explore... → view project

Huygens` Dok

The building on Helmholtzstraat 61 dates back to 1961 and is centrally located in Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam,... → view project

Growth Monument

A monument to represent the blossoming and flourishing of the city of Tilburg, a ‘textielgroeimonument’... → view project

Villa Overgooi

Villa Overgooi is a special residential building. At first glance, it looks like a single villa but there are... → view project

Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning

The urban planning exhibition museum has been realized in just nine months from competition to opening. The museum is... → view project

Youth Dwellings Oosterheem

Waterzicht is a new neighborhood in Zoetermeer with a mixture of row housing and apartment blocks with affordable or... → view project

Forum Stairs

The project brief asked for a interior design for a young and ambitious Chinese architecture company in Beijing,... → view project

House M&M

The only things inside the House M&M on the Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam are white cubes: no walls, no... → view project

Slow Glow / FAT lamp

NEXT architects designed the FAT Lamp for the Droog presentation ‘Go Slow’ during the Salone del Mobile... → view project

Glowing Caterpillar

This large artwork functions as an enormous space divider that can transform its size as well as its character. The... → view project


The Noordwaard is one of the 39 major projects within the 'Room for the River' strategy which focuses on... → view project

Potatoe plan Collection

In 1943 Patrick Abercrombie developed the ‘Potatoe-Plan’: a map of the city of London that includes... → view project

Heden Den Haag

For the Artoteek in Den Haag, renovated by Bos Rosdorff Wiebing architects, NEXT architects developed the interior... → view project

Ready Made Bookshelf

More than any other object, a filled bookcase reflects the identity of its owner. → view project

MY college

The winning proposal for the new educational building for MY college in Spijkenisse, The Netherland is created by... → view project

Greenest Road of Brabant (N69)

The ‘Greenest Road of Brabant’ makes geographical connections and embodies the connection between... → view project

Oog in al School Utrecht

In one fluent movement the bicycle route, park and school are joined together in a coherent infrastructure, building... → view project

Community building Woensel-West

Breaking ground on the Woensel West community building, the end of two decades of district renewal is in sight.... → view project

Holland Dafang Creative Village

China has undergone an unprecedented urbanisation process, from being a predominant rural society to having an... → view project

Sacramento Delta Bridge

Bridges bring people together. NEXT’s design for the Sacramento Delta Bridge makes the bridge a catalyst for... → view project


Room for the River IJsseldelta is a large-scale infrastructure project with a real impact on the geography of the... → view project

Bicycle Architecture Biennale

NEXT architects curated the Bicycle Architecture Biennale 2019/20, an exhibition of outstanding, built environment... → view project


Urban regions are economically viable if they provide space for people's flows, knowledge and goods. A vital... → view project

Shanghe airport

NEXT architects has been commissioned by the People’s Government of Shanghe - Shandong province to plan and... → view project

Holland Boulevard and Rijksmuseum Schiphol

You can wander through the Dutch polder landscape while at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The landscape was the main... → view project

Army Barracks Sijsele

The former army barracks in Sijsele are transforming into an mixed use area with housing, workplaces and recreational... → view project

Amsterdam Museum

How can we give form to a city museum that wants to simultaneously tell about the past and the future? This was the... → view project

Masterplan Erembodegem

Erembodegem is a divided community -both spatially and socially. Four infrastructural lines cut across the... → view project

Town hall Bloemendaal

Bloemendaal Town Hall is a modern, sustainable town hall, a meeting place that does justice to the location’s... → view project

Melkweg bridge

The Melkwegbridge is a location with an identity of its own. Extending over the Noordhollandsch Canal, it connects... → view project

Campus Uilenstede

This project is an excellent example of how even cost-friendly measures can have a major influence on the way in... → view project


Manifesto circular architecture

NEXT endorses the 5 circular design principles in the Manifesto Circular Architecture, published... → view project

Lianjiang Butterfly Bay

The site is located next to a branch of the Min River. The aim of the masterplan is the exploit the proximity of... → view project

HDM sports and health centre

In the next few months Hockey club HDM and its sports centre will undergo a huge metamorphosis. Apart from a new... → view project

Warande Zeist

The aging population and the recent developments in elderly care require new ideas regarding the provision of housing... → view project

Anacostia Landing

Anacostia Landing is a 25-acre park centered on the Anacostia River, gateway to historic Anacostia and extraordinary... → view project

Wieden + Kennedy

The offices of Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency were created by joining two national monuments at Herengracht in... → view project

Living on Top | Hui Long Guan Beijing

Living On Top is part of the master plan in Hui Long Guan, Beijing. It provides affordable housing for the... → view project

Rabobank Headquarters

The office interior for the Rabobank Nederland headquarters is the result of a co-creation by NEXT architects, Emma... → view project

Frans Hals Museum

In 2018, the Frans Hals Museum and De Hallen Haarlem fused into one museum under the name Frans Hals Museum: a museum... → view project

Huis te Wiel

The design for the ‘Huis te Wiel’ estate is a careful composite of the existing farm, two new houses and... → view project

The Green Room

The Green Room project aims to bring man closer to nature. On the outskirts of the Dutch town Tilburg it acts as a... → view project

Chewing Gum Factory: HET LAB

The Chewing Gum Factory: ‘THE LAB’ is a project initiated by Lingotto Vastgoed bv. The purchase of an... → view project

Bridges Enschede

To reconcile the rather contradictory aim of transporting motor-vehicle traffic through the ecological zone of the... → view project

Intense Low-Rise

At the invitation of building corporation Nijestee, NEXT architects has participated in the Intense Low-Rise... → view project


In Eindhoven’s Woensel West district, NEXT architects is working as an urban designer. This 1930s neighbourhood... → view project

Table tennis fence, Share fence & Bicycle fence

New types of contact exceed physical boundaries. Neither the relation between the public and private nor the... → view project