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A'DAM Works

Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Sylvia Hendriks, Mark Jongerius and Boris Gohin
Office(s), Interior
756 m2
Teo Krijgsman

After 40 years, the A'DAM tower opened to the general public to enjoy a unique spot in Amsterdam. ADAM is the new identity of the former Shell Tower in Amsterdam North, also known as Tower Overhoeks. The tower has been transformed from a mono-functional office into a vertical city that is entirely dedicated to music. With its observation deck on the roof, a member club, a restaurant, a hotel, and a club in the basement, the tower is used 24/7. For A’DAM Works, NEXT designed the office interior and common areas.

An important component of A’DAM are the workspaces dedicated to the creative industries with small office units ranging from 20 to 40 m2. These are located on the 8th and 9th floor. The office units have a common room with pantry on the 9th floor and a meeting room on the 8th floor. A steel staircase connects the two floors.

The design for the common area with pantry is creative and distinctive, enhancing the spectacular view that the tower has to offer. The core of the building shows the building’s robustness and the inner glass frontages, though varying degrees of transparency, give the interior a special appearance. Together, robustness and transparency, strengthen the overall image of the different floors. The meeting room with pantry and the stairs are made of black steel and hot iroko wood, which stands in contrast with the robust finish of the concrete shell. The pantry consists of a bar with shared facilities and a lower seat element that functions as a lounge area.

The concept for the offices’ interiors is basic, leaving room to the tenants to make each office their own, or in collaboration with interior designers, including Marieke Winters. 

A’DAM was developed by Lingotto A'DAM together with Sander Groet of Club AIR, Duncan Stutterheim, founder of ID & T, and Hans Brouwer of MassiveMusic. Brand Consultancy: The Stone Twins.