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Access road Amersfoort West

Municipality of Amersfoort
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
H+N+S Landscape architects
1,8 km
Building engineer

To improve the traffic flow on the west side of Amersfoort a new route is being realised. The 2km long auto route will be the connection between the ‘Stichtse’ roundabout and the ‘Amsterdamseweg’, where the landscape changes from green to urban. The wooded area and historical and cultural places combined with the speed limit of 50 km/hour make for a characteristic, scenic route. NEXT worked  in collaboration with HNS landscape architects to create a coherent and continuous design in which the experience of the landscape is central. The shape of the artworks accentuate the relief of the route and the use of material associates with the context.

To create the coherency and continuity in the route, NEXT developed design principles for the artworks, being: an Eco duct with train subway, fly-over, bicycle tunnels and a bicycle bridge, sounds walls and retaining walls. The lower part of the track is designed as one piece, with grown-over, leaning walls. At the cross-section the walls are kept as low as possible, to emphasize the green image. Corten steel lamella are applied to the walls of the artworks to smoothen the transition between grown-over and barren parts.

The artworks are clear in shape. Their exterior has a vast material for a coherent image and the completion of the interior joins the specific context. The bicycle bridge is an exception to the rule. It moves freely over the road and the railway. It meanders between rooftops and splits in two routes above the Eco duct, so cyclists do not need to cross the road. The rejuvenated bridge deck is carried by slim pillars. For cyclists and pedestrians, the swaying bridge is an exceptional experience; a new landmark for Amersfoort.