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Anacostia Landing

11th Street Bridge Park
Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC)
Bridge Park
Washington DC | USA

Anacostia Landing is a 25-acre park centered on the Anacostia River, gateway to historic Anacostia and extraordinary perch from which to view the District of Columbia’s emergence as a waterfront city. Together with Wallace Roberts and Todd NEXT created Anacostia Landing for the 11th street Bridge Park in Washington DC.

The existing 11th Street Bridge’s multipurpose trail already provides a very adequate pedestrian and high speed bike route between Capitol Hill and Anacostia. Anacostia Landing supplements this existing connection with a different and engaging experience emphasizing congregation, education, and play.

The River Balcony stands as a singular element, seemingly floating in space and attached to the 11th Street Bridge by three narrow points of connection. Perched 30 feet above the river, the balcony contains a children’s play garden, a skim pool, a stepped amphitheater, and a three-story community and education center.

The billowy canopy above will be an eye-catcher, yet, like a noble and grand old tree, it fulfills multiple and vital needs: providing shade, funneling prevailing breezes, supporting greenery and solar panels, framing public art, and creating the setting for gatherings, frolic, and play. As the centerpiece of the design, the River Balcony will stand as a symbol of creative sustainability, contributing to Anacostia Landing becoming a 21st Century model of ecological place-making.

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