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Ede-Wageningen Station

Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Mark Jongerius, Klaas van Olphen
Infrastructure, Urban Planning, Train Station, Bus Station, Transport Hub
Ede-Wageningen, Netherlands
OKRA, Rudy Uytenhaak architectenbureau, Royal HaskoningDHV

Gate to the Veluwe

Station Ede-Wageningen connects landscape with train station. In one spatial gesture the awning brings landscape and infrastructure, station and pasture, north and south, together under one roof. The awning is the accolade above the different functions, differentiates the domains, directs travellers' flow and enhances the experience of the unique location of the station. It is the Gate to the Veluwe.

The awning is a highly recognizable and well tested architectural and functional element for a station. At the same time it refers to leafage as well as leafy canopy, a reference that fits the public space and location of the station. PV-cells on the awning strengthens the analogy with the leafage: here sunlight is converted into energy.

In order to strengthen the orientation, the awning marks the place where the amenities are located in clear lines and guides the traveller to the platforms; the lamellas support the dominant direction of the walk-connection-zone. The placement of the columns, the direction of the lamellas and the direction of the stairs and voids all contribute to a clear and logical routing on the one hand, and also define clear spaces where travelers can meet with each other or wait for their connection.

Eventually, the perception and experience of the traveler is crucial to the functioning of the station. The station concept includes four core values: accessible, human, familiar and characteristic. A trusted ordening in environmental, reception, travel and accommodation field, come together under one roof.

Throught the correct connection of the logistics program, the station area receives a strong landscape character that does justice to the position of station Ede-Wageningen as the Gate to the Veluwe, the entrance to Ede and the connection with Wageningen.