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RIV// responds to the major demand for spacious family homes in and around the city of Amsterdam. This residential... → view project

Kaap 4: The Golden Hour

NEXT architects designs the residential tower Kaap 4: The Golden Hour, part of the new housing project Kaap,... → view project

Army Barracks Sijsele

The former army barracks in Sijsele are transforming into an mixed use area with housing, workplaces and recreational... → view project

House Buiksloterham

The design of this private residence in the no-frills, former industrial part of Amsterdam North was inspired by the... → view project

Villa Overgooi

Villa Overgooi is a special residential building. At first glance, it looks like a single villa but there are... → view project

Youth Dwellings Oosterheem

Waterzicht is a new neighborhood in Zoetermeer with a mixture of row housing and apartment blocks with affordable or... → view project

Intense Low-Rise

At the invitation of building corporation Nijestee, NEXT architects has participated in the Intense Low-Rise... → view project


Red, robust, rust. The apartment tower for student housing is a powerful accent on the Oostenburgermiddenstraat. In... → view project


Urban regions are economically viable if they provide space for people's flows, knowledge and goods. A vital... → view project

The Bay View Cascais

Situated on the Atlantic coast, Cascais is one of Portugal’s main tourist destinations nearby the capital... → view project


The project is located on a complicated site, in the old city centre of Fuzhou, the capital of the Fujian Province.... → view project

Living on Top | Hui Long Guan Beijing

Living On Top is part of the master plan in Hui Long Guan, Beijing. It provides affordable housing for the... → view project

House M&M

The only things inside the House M&M on the Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam are white cubes: no walls, no... → view project

Beijing Normal University dorm

Chinese university dormitories are strictly divided worlds of girls and boys. For this typical university dormitory,... → view project

House M&M Funen

The 30-metre-long black, graphic facade of House M&M immediately catches the eye as you walk along the perimeter... → view project


We are making the aesthetic design for the development of Kavel C, between the railway and the Kruisvaart canal in... → view project

Lianjiang Butterfly Bay

The site is located next to a branch of the Min River. The aim of the masterplan is the exploit the proximity of... → view project

100% Block City Moscow

New city quarter with residential use within A101 urban development → view project

Huis te Wiel

The design for the ‘Huis te Wiel’ estate is a careful composite of the existing farm, two new houses and... → view project