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Oog in al School Utrecht

Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Bart Reuser with Tara Steenvoorden, Jurriaan Hillerstrom, Mark Jongerius (all NEXT) and Rudy Uytenhaak, Karin Dorrepaal and Jonathan van Leeuzen (all RUA)
Municipality of Utrecht
School and public park
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Rudy Uytenhaak architectenbureau BV and B+B landschapsarchitectuur en stedenbouw
3050 sqm.
Building engineer
Pieters bouwtechniek, Vitruviusbouwkostenadvies

In one fluent movement the bicycle route, park and school are joined together in a coherent infrastructure, building and landscape. The design challenges all the involved designers to intensly collaborate and clearly tune into each other.

The bicycle bridge, being positioned on the south side, creates space on the north side for a recreational area. The school and recreational area orientate towards the park. This is made possible by making the east side of the school, under the bridge, more narrow. The result is a private recreational area attached to the public park and an apparent, natural entrance in continuation of the street. The wide side of the school at the water complements the park and creates a safe enclosed space for the school children to play.

The roof garden is an essential element between the different programmes. The garden is a continuation of the green environment on the roof, it offers extra space for the school to enjoy and creates a natural distance between the school and the cyclist.

In a wide angle cyclist are lifted up from the park, guided around the perma culture garden on the roof of the gym of the school, and lead through the trees, with a panoramic view over the canal. Flanked by water, the cyclist rides between an interweaving design of cables toward a lean gateway to safely land in Leidsche Rijn.