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KBF Warehouse

Transparent dynamics

The former production hall in the Kauwgomballenkwartier in Amsterdam is being transformed into the KBF Warehouse, a modern hotspot and work space for creative entrepreneurs. A transparent volume with a contemporary and industrial character will be build on the existing brick building. The combination of the different volumes creates an inviting and harmonious appearance that fits the present, past and future of the Kauwgomballenkwartier.
Het Kauwgomballenterrein en KBF Warehouse vanuit de lucht
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Joost Lemmens, Jorn Kooijstra, Marcel Geerdink, Leire Alvarez, Oihane Garcia Meneses, Mireia Martin

NEOO, M-trix, Van Rossum, Peutz

Exploring the creative work environment

Since the transformation of the Kauwgomballenfabriek in 2008, the surrounding business park has been transformed into a vibrant working environment with a wide variety of creative companies. The Kauwgomballenkwartier consists of diverse building styles from various decades with an industrial character that correspond with the past. To continue the development of the area, the former production hall has been transformed into an inspiring working environment with a characteristic identity. The building facilitates a variety of office options due to its flexible layout and offers work spaces for both small and large creative entrepreneurs.

Render van KBF Warehouse van NEXT architects

Connecting new and existing structures

The structure of the former production halls will partly be preserved and will become part of the new office building. The original stone buildings are combined with a transparent volume of several floors. The facades of the office building are characterized by the triangular structure that is based on the original roofs and complies with the style characteristics of the original structure and the cultural-historical value of the building. The addition of materials such as steel, glass, and wood give the building a new dynamic that fits within the ensemble of the Kauwgomballenkwartier. The result is an inspiring and bright workplace for creatives where present, past and future come together.


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