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Human encounter and interaction are the essence of MATE; a unique mixed-use building that offers space to a hotel, offices, co-working spaces, food & beverages and leisure. All these various functions are grouped around a central atrium; an open and lively meeting place for users and visitors alike. With the mixture of possibilities MATE has, the building perfectly fits into the new dynamic of Werkstad Overamstel.
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Jouke Sieswerda, Sonia Cunha, Inge van Heeswijk, Reza Hamidi, Zofia Michalska and Valeria Alexei

BOOM! Landscape, Finch Buildings, ABT

Exploring new possibilities

In the upcoming years, Overamstel, an area near the border of Amsterdam, will change from monotonous business park to a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood. With a very diverse program and easy access to public transport, MATE is emblematic for this redevelopment. The programmatic concept is based on three pillars: WORK, PLAY, and STAY. There will be (co-)working spaces and regular offices for the creative sector (WORK), an undetermined and flexible space for various leisure activities (PLAY) and the possibility to stay in one of the 220 hotel rooms (STAY).

Connecting on all levels

The hybrid building consists of four different volumes that are all connected to one open space: the atrium. The atrium is a destination by itself; a space that can host large scale events, but also a place for informal gatherings and spontaneous encounters. To cater to these very different activities the design combines the experience of a spectacular five storey-high space with more human-scale ‘pockets’ that are directly connected with the atrium. This not only increases the potential usage of the atrium but also connects it to the various programmatic components of the building. This way the atrium will become the lively heart of MATE.

MATE Amsterdam

Creating volume

MATE consists of four colourful volumes that match the industrial character of the area; clear geometrical volumes, robust materials and characteristic flashy colours. The volumes are shifted and stacked on top of each other, creating a series of green ledges and roof terraces designed by BOOM! Landscape. The green atmosphere is continued into the atrium, making it the natural entrance to the roof gardens.

The design is sustainable, flexible, and future-proof; MATE’s hotel tower is made of wooden prefabricated modules, the base layer (the first five floors) will have a large-span, open structure which offers the flexibility for the building to adapt to the changing environment over time. MATE will be a robust and sustainable icon for the Overamstel area.

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