Wenda believes that architecture is a valuable social instrument which strength can only be testified after being built. She is fascinated by the unconventional arrangements that explore our perception of space and their relation with the urban fabric.

Wenda Andryani

Architect in training

As an architect, I find it interesting to explore the boundaries of architecture; how experimentation, creativity and innovation are being used. The quality of life and working towards a more sustainable society are essential to my approach.

Daniël Ankone

Architect in training

Rike is interested in how architecture and design can make a valuable contribution to someone's life. With her experience in the creative sector, she looks for ways to expand NEXT’s portfolio.

Rike Blom

Business Development

As an all-round architect, Baekhyun is experienced in every design phase. She specializes in wood construction and modular buildings, and works in various scales. Baekhyun is fascinated by the integration of sustainable solutions in delightful design.

Baekhyun Chi


Stijn believes architecture can and should be perceived as an ecosystem. The building, the user, and the environment will all benefit from each other when a sustainable harmony is achieved.

Stijn Folkertsma

Architect in training

Marcel is an architect with experience in all design and construction phases. He enjoys working in the tension field between design and implementation, using his knowledge of BIM, Revit, and his strong eye for detail.

Marcel Geerdink


Albert is our only civil engineer. He is very passionate about his work and with years and years of experience unmissable for our office.

Albert de Graaf

Senior Allround Bouwkundige

Reza is specialized in developing the designs through the BIM process. He thrives for learn more on building materials and techniques. His passion lies in innovative designs that blend architecture with the landscape.

Reza Hamidi

BIM Coordinator

Inge is fascinated by architecture’s ability to not only connect people with each other but also connect them to the natural world. She combines creativity and technical knowledge to create high quality designs for people and the surrounding ecosystem.

Inge van Heeswijk

Architect in training

Jurriaan is always brimming with ideas. At NEXT, he focuses on infrastructure, working on challenging assignments within specific contexts. The designs that he works on capture the imagination thanks to the unique interplay with their surroundings.

Jurriaan Hillerström

Senior Architect

Antonia believes that architecture shapes not only the built environment but also profoundly influences the lives of its users, playing a crucial role in the future of our societies and planet.

Antonia Kalata


Vyasa cares about the long-term impact of architectural design on the sustainability of society. At NEXT, he enjoys working with colleagues and collaborators on projects with future value by creating flexible and smart designs and using durable materials.

Vyasa Koe


Jorn enjoys working with a team of experts, striving to find the most optimal design possible in which technique, form, and functionality reinforce each other. To solve each design challenge, he likes to experiment with different architectural strategies.

Jorn Kooijstra


Joost is a passionate and responsible architect, who enjoys getting clients and colleagues involved in his practice. He believes that originality and ingenuity are key to create surprising projects in terms of vision, design, and craftsmanship.

Joost Lemmens

Associate, Architect

Architecture is primary a branch of psychology. Keep an eye open to every detail; you can never know how it can affect someone's subconscious and, to extent, their thoughts and actions.

Damjan Mokrovic


Designing contrasting and playful spaces, Artjom wants to bring vibrancy into people’s lives and inspire them to be authentic. At the same time, he values history and tradition, and strives to connect people with their roots. Harmony is always the goal.

Artjom Morozov

Architect in training

Bart co-founded NEXT based on the ambition to increase the significance of architecture in society. He sees NEXT as an agency with a strong vision, always taking a step forward. As an architect, Bart enjoys working on complex urban challenges.

Bart Reuser

Founding partner, Architect

As a PR and communication officer in a creative company Anna likes to be in the middle of where new ideas are being born. With her background in journalism she loves to expose the motives for architectural designs and make interesting content about it.

Anna Rijksbaron


Architecture that connects, combines, collects, interacts, and supports; as founding partner of NEXT, Marijn firmly believes in the power of design. His work is inspired by the global challenges our society faces and always has a strong strategic value.

Marijn Schenk

Founding partner, Architect

As a co-founder and architect at NEXT, Michel is in charge of large-scale infrastructure projects. These projects are characterized by the complex assignments, strict financial and constructive frameworks and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Michel Schreinemachers

Founding partner, Architect

Jouke is an experienced and all-round architect, who focuses on adaptive reuse and wood construction. He is at his best in the conceptual stages of the design process, turning different ambitions and requirements into coherent designs.

Jouke Sieswerda

Senior Architect

Douwe Strating


As an architect, Sara is passionate about crafting innovative solutions that harmonize with the context of each project. Her work emphasizes the use of local materials, sustainability, and the creation of memorable gathering spaces.

Sara Stroliga


Anja enjoys optimizing the HR and administration processes behind the scenens to make sure the architects of NEXT can focus on their next big creation.

Anja Sijben

HR & Management Assistant

Milena finds the best opportunities to develop herself by observing. The most important aspect of architecture for her is cohesion between the function, design of the facade, and adjustment to the urban structure.

Milena Szymczak

Architect in training

As an architect, Wouter strives to make good architecture that is accessible for everyone. He believes that architecture plays an important part in achieving a more inclusive society.

Wouter van der Velpen