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2015-11-20 Vlotwatering Bridge | NEXT wins ARC15 Detail

NEXT architects wins the ARC15 Detail Award for the Vlotwatering Bridge. The 'batbridge', trending topic on Haloween: 'in the city of Monster! Spooktacular!’, was elected unanimously by the jury.

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2015-09-25 Pakhuis de Zwijger invites NEXT for the second edition of Dutch Masters on the 29th of Sept at 20.00

After Joost Swarte (August) Pakhuis de Zwijger welcomes NEXT architects. Every edition de Zwijger asks the Dutch Master to invite a young talented designer on stage. NEXT invited  Studio 1:1

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2015-09-16 NEXT in The Nurturing Home - Beijing Design week 2015

NEXT is proud to be one of the participants of The Nurturing House by Next City Living Lab during Beijing Design Week 2015.

--> read more about the program here

2015-09-12 Villa Overgooi | NEXT exhibits at DAM - Deutsches Architekturmuseum

How and why are more and more people choosing to build and live in communities? 

26 projects - among them NEXT project Villa OVergooi - offer answers to this question in the exhibition and publication At HOme: Building in Living in Communities

--> DAM - Deutsches Architekturmuseum

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2015-07-15 Citadelbridge | Ruimte voor de Waal sunny overview

A sunny view over the river Waal and the nearly realized bridges that are part of the Ruimte voor de Waal (Room for the Waal) project. The Citadelbridge connects the main land to the recreational island.

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2015-06-25 Town hall Bloemendaal | Official opening!

The new Townhall will be officially opened today.

On saturday the 27th of June everyone is welcome to visit the Townhall from 12.00-16.00. There will be tours and presentations about the transformation

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2015-06-19 KAVELEN: new boardgame for builders

To prepare yourself for the exciting adventure of building your own house, this game offers a playful insight into the process of building.

Kavelen is a production of NEXT architects and Claudia Linders

2015-06-08 Campus Uilenstede | First Summer days at the Centre Campus

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2015-06-02 Vlotwatering Bridge | Bat Bridge with roosts built in concrete structure to be completed before winter

The Vlotwateringbrug will span a river that forms an important natural pathway for the local bat population, and provide shelter for the mammals with a series of covered roosting spots.

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2015-06-01 Town hall Bloemendaal | Finishing touches

The official opening will be end of this month, but you can already go in and see the transformation for yourself.

Haarlems Dagblad published an nicely illustrated article about the the transformation proces an dthe result

download article here

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2015-05-27 Bicycle bridge Utrecht | Official Launch building phase

For the official launch of the building phase we made an animation, so you can virtually cycle from the park, over the roof of the school, through the trees and over the canal

watch it here

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2015-04-24 NEXT part of A'DAM Toren project

A'DAM is the 22 stories building behind Amsterdam Centraal Station. A'DAM will be a great party host and create things that thrill the senses.  

Get to know more about A'DAM 

2015-04-10 RIV | Are you RIV// ?

What is RIV//?

RIV// is spacious living, high entrances, big windows, with outdoor feeling and views over city, waterside and lots of green.

--> RIV-Wonen

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2015-03-05 Vlotwatering Bridge | Start construction of BAT bridge

The construction of the Vlotwatering Bridge is officially launched. The bridge designed to house bats is scheduled for completion at the end of 2015.

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2015-03-04 Dragon King Kong Bridge | NEXT Beijing about the future of architecture in China

RTL news interviewed John van de Water and Jiang Xiaofei, at location of Dragon King Bridge, about the future of architectur in China after comments of president Xi Jinping.

Watch the news item here (Dutch)

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2015-03-03 Dragon King Kong Bridge | QI QI GUAI GUAI - NEXT IN THE VOLKSKRANT

* strange

China is the kindergarten for architects. Or not? Now President Xi Jinping no longer wants 'strange' architecture?

John van de Water from NEXT Beijing explains in this article the challenges of working in China and why NEXT designs are 'approved'.

--> Download the article (NL)

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2015-02-27 Westelijke Ontsluiting Amersfoort | Improvement of traffic flow in Amersfoort-West

NEXT and H+N+S landscape architects delivered the concept design for a new route in Amersfoort. The route will improve the traffic flow and accessibility of Amersfoort-West. The road crosses the woods of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug to the south of Amersfoort with several sites with historical and cultural value.

--> Watch an animation of the draft design here

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2015-01-20 B_AMSTERDAM | NEXT designs new hotspot for creative industry

The former IBM typewriter factory, near Schiphol. is being transformed into a new hotspot for the creative industry.

NEXT is selected to design new plans for the entrance, rooftop and hospitality areas.

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2015-01-19 RIV | NEXT selected for housing project RIV

NEXT is selected for an new housing project in Amsterdam 'Rivierenbuurt'.

The project is being developed by COD (Cradle of Development) real estate developer.

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2015-01-14 Dragon King Kong Bridge | THE BRIDGE CHANGSHA CHANGES COLOR

The main construction of the bridge over the Dargon King River is finished. Now the LED system is being installed and the main constructions changes color. 

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2015-01-13 De Centrale As | Opening bypass Garyp

Friday the 16th of January is the opening of the bypass Garyp. The event will take place from 13.00 - 15.00. From 15.00 the road will be officially open for traffic.

The road looks finished but there are a view final safety adjustment that still need to be done. The Maxi trees were planted just before the Christmas holidays.

Bypass Garyp is part of De Central As.

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