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Special effects

In civil engineering, bridges and viaducts are seen as works of art. At Eindhoven, this has taken on a new dimension with the realization of the underpass beneath the A2 and N2, the Achtse Heide tunnel. Inspired by the identity given to Brainport Eindhoven - clean, high-tech, innovative and connected – the tunnel is fitted with a low-tech, dynamic lighting artwork of 100 meters in length. More than an artwork, it is a total work of art.
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Michel Schreinemachers, Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk with Wiebe Strick, Bastiaan Luijk and Angelos Chouliaras

Lightning advise:

Signify (former Philips Lightning) (concept)

De Kruijter Public Lighting (execution and realisation)

Paul Poels Photography

Exploring the roads around Eindhoven

In Eindhoven Northwest, extensive roadworks were carried out to aid flow and accessibility to destinations such as Brainport Eindhoven and Eindhoven Airport. The construction of a new underpass at the A2 and N2 is the third and final phase of the road infrastructure project in Eindhoven Northwest. The new connection fits modestly into the landscape of the infrastructure but has its own signature in the form of an experience and point of reference for motorists.

NEXT architects A2/N2 underpass Eindhoven
NEXT architects_A2N2

Connecting the tunnel with incisions

The underpass consists of the approach ramps and tunnel section. The ramps slice into the landscape like a clear and sharp incision. The tunnel is approximately 100 meters long and meets strict requirements and guidelines concerning traffic safety and fire safety.


Creating a special effect

In addition, management and maintenance requirements have been imposed. We sought a robust, low-tech solution and were inspired by the proven technology used in dynamic traffic signs at tight curves on access and exit ramps. Enlarged by means of a panel grid and featuring a rear wall with a backlit color print, this creates a moiré effect that follows as you drive past.

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