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Marijn Schenk

Marijn Schenk is one of the founders of NEXT architects. He graduated in 1999 from the Technical University of Delft, Faculty of Architecture. Together with Bart Reuser, Marijn received the first prize of the ARCHIPRIX 2000 for the project 'The Layered Land'.

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Joost Lemmens

Joost is associate at NEXT architects. He is someone who takes responsibility. He understands and helps others to understand. He knows how to get clients and colleagues involved. And he does this with passion, curiosity, and determination. No two projects are the same, meaning originality and ingenuity are vital when it comes to architecture. This results in surprising projects – in both vision and design – as well as in craftsmanship and craft. As an architect on many of NEXT’s most distinctive projects, including the Wieden+Kennedy office, the Elastic Perspective folly, and the RIV// apartment complex, his passion for the profession is plain to see on various scale levels.

Born in 1977, Joost Lemmens studied architecture at Delft University of Technology and the University of Hong Kong, taking an extensive minor in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. He has been an architect with NEXT architects since 2004.

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Jorn Kooijstra

Thinking differently can help you to create something entirely new. Jorn approaches his projects with a curious attitude, and comes up with experimental solutions. His designs reflect his interest in the influence of technological developments on society and the built environment. In addition to his Master’s in architecture, Jorn also took a certificate programme in the philosophy of technology, and the influence of the digital revolution formed a core theme in his graduation project. At NEXT, Jorn draws inspiration from the huge variety of projects, approaching them with his investigative nature.

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Maria Monteiro

Since she was 10 years old, Portuguese Maria felt the urge to work abroad, to be outside of her comfort zone, and to experience other cultures and ways of designing architecture. She believes in the romantic side of architecture, in the stories and concepts that spaces can tell in a sensory way. By defining spaces by light and shadow, the architect can guide visitors to feel emotions.
Maria already started working with NEXT as part of the team of Fragmentos de Arquitectura in Portugal, with whom the office collaborates on the housing project The Bay View in Cascais. She always felt compelled and curious about NEXT’s proposals and how the landscape becomes an integral part of the design’s functionality and quality. Now she as the opportunity to further understand that fascination.

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Oihane García

Oihane is motivated by designing places for people. Driven by a social and innovative approach to architecture, in every project she finds the opportunity of rethinking the way we co-inhabit spaces.

Oihane did her master thesis in International Development Cooperation, an area she explored as volunteer architect in Mozambique. That experience moved her to investigate how water accessibility and social development where interconnected, together with the idea that architecture could be a tool to confront the shortage of water in rural areas. Her passion for discovering new places and new ways of designing brought her to the Netherlands, and at NEXT she has found the perfect place to continue connecting people through architecture. 


Liesbeth Sträter

Former Team members

Tom van Alst (NL), Eve Arpo (EE), Anabel Arsenault (CAN), Sofie Arvidsson (S), Daniel Aw (NL), Esmee Bais (NL), Willem Barendregt (NL), Elisabeth Boersma (NL), Denis Bondar (LTU), Paulo Borlido (P), Jeroen Bos (NL), Ewald Bosgoed (NL), Timothee Bossard (FR) Esther ten Brink (NL), Robbert Bron (NL), Eilish Camplisson (UK), Federico Caputo (IT), Giorgio Carella (IT), Christiana Chaikali (GR), Giovanna Chen (NL), Davide Chincoli (IT), Joanna Colman (UK), Wenhua Deng (CN), Anouk van Deuzen (NL), Giulia Di Dio Balsamo (IT), Martina Diano (IT), Gabor Disberg (NL), Ieda Alvarez Dogo (BR), Andrew Donalsdon (UK), Andrea Doyl (IRL), Maria Teresa Durão (P), Fatima El Hadji (IT), Joep Esseling (NL), Shaya Fallahi (NL), Immanuel Fäustle (NL), Javier Fernández (ES), Elisabetta Fiorenza (IT), Michelle Franke (NL), Juliette Gilson (BE), Aris Gkitzias (GR), Boris Gohin (FR), Lily Gonlag (UK), Hilda van Gortel (NL), Roel Griffioen (NL), Amal Habti (NL), Lisa Haenitsch-Saxe (DE), Ilse Hartman (NL), Nick van Harmelen (NL), Vincent Heck (NL), Michelle Hendrickx (NL), Sylvia Hendriks (NL), Thomas Heyer (NL), Anne Hilgers (NL), Rens van Hoek (NL), Christine van ’t Hoenderdaal (NL), Marieke van 't Hoff (NL) Frank Hornis (NL), Bas van der Horst (NL), Celine Jansen (NL), Lisette Janssen (NL), Ana Jara (P), Geert Durk de Jong (NL), Marrit de Jong (NL), Jennifer de Jonge (NL), Mark Jongerius (NL), Bas Kalmeijer (NL), Ayelet Kamar (IL), Anthéa Karakoullis (CY), Froukje van de Klundert (NL), Jurrian Knijtijzer (NL), Dennis Koek (NL), Phylicia Kok-Sey-Tjong (NL), Anna Korzeniowska (PL), Celine Krstulovic (NL), Felix Krüger (DE), Ingeborg Kuijlaars (NL), Ule Koopmans (NL), Arno Kwint (NL), Marta Lata (PL), Charlotte van Liessum (NL), Bastiaan Luijk (NL), Mireia Luna (ES), Patrick Maisano (CH), Ines Meuws (B), Gabriela Mill (UK), Marion Mischke (D), Geoffrey Moote (CAN), Rory More (UK), Anna Motyka (PL), Pieter Mulder (NL), Magdalena Nalepa (PL), Giannis Nikiforou (CY), Finnian O'Neill (IR), Blanche Nieuwkerk (NL), Jeroen de Nies (NL), Jasper Nijveldt (NL), Klaas van Olphen (NL), Agatha Osika (D), Sharon Overmars (NL), Anthea Pappà (GR), Rolf Pederson (DK), Marco di Piaggo (IT), Agata Piet (PL), Filipe Pocas (D), Stelios Polyviou (CY), Andrea Raos (HR), Tako Reyenga (NL), Anne-Laurence Ricard (FR), Floris de Ridder (NL), Shyla Rietveld (NL), Andrea Roelofse (NL), Pacome le Rouge de Rusunan (FR), Maria Salinas (ES), Toon van Schijndel (NL), Wout Smits (NL), Ivo Snijders (NL), Luuc Sonke (NL), Marieke Spits (NL), Mark Spijkerman (NL), Wiebe Strick (NL), Tara Steenvoorden (NL), Douwe Strating (NL), Aneta Szatanik (PL), Veronica Torelli (IT), Abdennasser Toutouh (NL), Teresa Vacca (IT), Michel van de Velden (NL), Maarten Vermeulen (NL), Bouke Veurman (NL), Pim Voermans (NL), Lisa Vugteveen (NL), Nick Vullings (NL), Stan Wagter (NL), Rinze Wassenaar (NL), Murk Wymenga (NL), Wingjim Yick (NL), Mattias Zuchetti (IT), Tess Zuiderwijk (NL)

Michel Schreinemachers

Michel Schreinemachers is one of the 4 founders of NEXT architects and managing director of the office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Michel Schreinemachers graduated in 1999 with a Master of Science in architecture, at the University of Technology in Delft. 

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Lisa Maduro

Jurriaan Hillerström

Jurriaan wakes up brimming with ideas. In his spare time, he likes to make lamps as a way to experiment with physical objects in which space, material, light, and technology come together. At NEXT architects, he focuses on infrastructure, working on unique assignments within specific contexts for which an ordinary answer simply isn't enough. Since he started at NEXT in 2006, he has been closely involved in many of the unique bridges designed by the office.

As a project manager, Jurriaan uses his inventive attitude, his perseverance, and his organizational skills to provide effective leadership to his design team. This enables him to devise and realize unique designs in close collaboration with his clients, contractors, and advisors.

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Jate Bleeker

Jate’s background in urbanism and a master degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, strongly affected his interest in themes such as the inclusive city and the importance of the public realm as social space. As an architect, Jate investigates how buildings can build upon the city’s history and how space is created for individual appropriation. Since 2019 Jate joined the team at NEXT, where he brings his ideas about urbanism and architecture into practice. In addition, he is following a Master’s in Architecture at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture.

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Marcel Geerdink

Marilena Fragkou

Bart Reuser

Bart Reuser  is one of the founders of NEXT architects. He graduated from the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture in 1999. Together with Marijn Schenk he received an honorable mention as first price winner of the ARCHIPRIX 2000 for their project ‘The Layered Land’. 

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Jouke Sieswerda

Jouke is more fascinated by how architecture is created and how it functions than how it exactly looks. For every single assignment, his drive is the same: to understand the broader context of the project, be it social, economic, or spatial in nature. By analysing and structuring complex problems, he is able to formulate solid solutions for both small- and large-scale assignments.

He fits in perfectly within the team at NEXT thanks to his open and investigative nature. Jouke works as enthusiastically (and with the needed ability to put things into perspective) on the redevelopment of disused silos as he does on bicycle bridges or high-rise buildings. He always strives to find the perfect solution for every assignment with a design that seamlessly blends in with its surroundings.

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Mireia Martín

Mireia and NEXT found each other in an analytic approach to “find specific solutions for unique sites.” For her, each project starts with an accurate analysis of the context, to find the identity of the site and to synthesize the main concept for the project.

With her background in urbanism, Mireia is intrigued by the city, by its diversity and by the specificity of the interventions this diversity calls for. This interest can already be found in the research project she conducted at the Barcelona Architecture School about the so-called Hutong: a type of traditional Chinese narrow street commonly associated with Beijing. Taking the specific northern Chinese context, Mireia studied whether it is more sustainable to preserve or to rebuild the Hutong?

Mireia spends her free time travelling as much as she can, as she believes it is the best way to really understand the city and to experience if architecture has given a good solution.

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Ieva Mileika

Life consists of a sequence of stories, just as a city consists of a sequence of spaces. Ieva studied architecture in Riga and Eindhoven, where she learned to combine imagination and intuitive design with an analytical approach. She believes that every place has a right to good architecture. That is, architecture that is concerned with quality of space and our experience of it; an architecture that cares about people and place, on any scale or type. An example of this vision is her graduation project on a community centre in the heart of Klippan, a small village in the south of Sweden. At NEXT Ieva has the chance to explore this attitude in various projects, from apartments to urban plans.

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Bobby de Graaf

Angelos Chouliaras