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The Learning Loop

The new mavo and vmbo school MY college in Spijkenisse is an attractive and sustainable learning environment. The future-oriented design is aligned with the own educational vision of the school, My learning, in which the needs of the students and their own development are central. This is reflected in the design by creating different spaces for different concentration levels, combined with a clear floorplan. Students are being encouraged to discover their talents and develop their skills in a safe and familiar environment.
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers met Joost Lemmens, Sonia Cunha, Jouke Sieswerda, Marcel Geerdink, Oihane García, Edo Bakovic (NEXT) Michael Christensen, Francisco Villeda (CCO)

Christensen & Co, HEVO, Peutz, De Blaay-Van den Bogaard Raadgevende Ingenieurs, SWINN

Exploring Schools with Future Value

For many years, Spijkenisse was considered to be a growing municipality. Providing sufficient housing for residents close to Rotterdam used to be one of the main goals. To answer to the explosive housing demand, buildings were built fast and in large numbers at the time. That has now changed: the municipality has the ambition to build intentionally and consciously, with attention to sustainability. The new MY College educational building, designed by NEXT architects in collaboration with Christensen & Co, is an example of this future-minded vision.

Connecting Education and Architecture

MY college is a strong example of an integral and sustainable design that puts students first, by creating clear floor plans, talking to future users, and thinking about the learning method that will be accommodated in the building. The design is based on the architectural concept of No Dead Ends, which is ideal for interaction between students and a clear overview. In the central Learning Loop, different levels of focus are defined so that students can find spaces that match their concentration requirements.

Students of the MY college develop their skills broadly and lay a foundation for the rest of their lives. Based on the educational vision, students do not immediately have to choose a profession or direction but can experience everything at their own pace. This teaching method is also reflected in the school’s architecture. The design is aimed at the student as an individual, who can study and develop in three different spaces. Firstly, the classrooms are a place where students receive theoretical or practical lessons with fellow students, consisting of classrooms and co-creation practice rooms for larger groups (MY Base). Then there are the learning squares and wide corridors (MY Square), where the students can study together and there is room for interaction and communication. Finally, there are private study rooms (MY Cave) with the possibility of withdrawal and concentration for individual study sessions. The clear layout of the building is essential for good flow and cohesion between the various elements.

Creating a New Focal Point

MY College distinguishes itself by the natural wooden slats on the facade, which stand out in the urban landscape of Spijkenisse. The volume is characterized by the gymnasium which has been lifted to the highest point, thus creating a central focal point in the environment. The sustainable ambitions are achieved by building ENG, placing PV panels on the roof, and choosing the right geometric application for daylight use and energy savings.

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