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Anyang Public Art Project

Secret Forest

Secret Forest – a pavilion in the forests of South Korea – is enclosing three trees. By mirroring this little piece of the forest a whole new landscape is being created; a forest on its own.
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers with Baekhyun Chi, Inge van Heeswijk, Joep van Amelsvoort, Monika Popkiwiecz, Valeria Alexei, Diego Ramozzi, Reza Hamidi

Yongbaek Lee

Exploring different views

Located in the Samseongsan mountain, tree pavilion Secret Forest is designed as a part of the Anyang Public Art Project 7 (APAP7). In the pavilion, three trees are being enclosed and looking from the inside of the pavilion to the outside, a new perspective on the landscape has been given, by mirroring this little piece of the forest. Altogether the function of a vantage point has been totally reinvented.

Anyang Public Art Project_pavilion in the woods_NEXT architects

Connecting the visitor to the trees and the trees to the forest

The closer the visitor gets to the central space of the pavilion, the more he or she is being forced to experience the lonely trees that are separated from the forest. By moving outside via the circular pathway the trees seem to be reconnected to the ‘real’ forest again.

Mirroring walls at the inside of the Anyang-Public Art Project pavilion_NEXT architects

Creating architectural ‘tricks’

From the entrance, the visitor’s gaze is directed inside or outside, to the scenery. Next, the pavilion challenges the pedestrians to follow the circular path to experience different views. The walls rise and fall and direct the view of the visitor.

Corten steel has been used as main material for its strength and freedom of form, possibility to bend, and for its span distance. Corten gives the pavilion a natural look on the outside, a bit of roughness and a brown orange color that fits the forest well. Inside there is this mirroring world that is enhanced by using a reflecting stainless steel.

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schematic display of the APAP avilion Secret Forest
Anyang Public Art Project site plan drawing_NEXT architects
Anyang Public Art Project section drawing_NEXT architects


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