Landmark Feanwâlden

It Goddeloas Fiersicht

It Goddeoas Fiersicht is one of the three landmarks of the De Centrale As. As a ground drilling through time, the artwork provides a new perspective on the past and present of this mystical place. The landmark, which is also a viewing point, poetically connects nature, geology, ecology, and history. Not only can the landscape of the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden be viewed from here, it can also be experienced.
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers met Wiebe Strick, Mark Jongerius, Klaas van Olphen, Geert Durk de Jong, Douwe Strating, Stelios Polyviou, Eilish Camplisson en Marta Lata

It Goddeloas Fiersicht was created after a workshop with the Association of Residents of Broeksterwoude, De Falom, and Feanwâlden, the Forestry Commission, Sanjeszoo and stakeholders from the Province of Friesland, and the municipality Dantumadiel.

Karl Banski

Exploring the nature reserve

The construction of the Centrale As (N356) between Drachten and Dokkum was a radical change for the residents, as the landscape was completely overhauled. As part of the art plan of De Centrale As, It Goddeloas Fiersicht plays an important social role in bringing residents, the road, and the new landscape closer together. In the oval tower, stairs circle upwards and visitors have a beautiful view over the surrounding nature reserve and over the Goddeloze Singel – a medieval monastery path. Inside are boulders from the last Ice Age, which were found during the construction of De Centrale As.

Connecting contradictions

The contrasting monument stands on the crossroads of past and present, urbanization and landscape, acceleration and deceleration. These contradictions come together in one meaningful work of art: a concrete tower as a borehole back in time. It allows people to experience the development of this area over the centuries by referring to old ghost stories, its location along the medieval monastery path, and the scenic artifacts dating back to the Ice Age when this landscape was formed. The various layers make It Goddeloas Fiersicht a unique site from which the landscape of the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden can be experienced and a connection with the rich history can be made.

Creating a meaningful work of art

It Goddeloas Fiersicht is a remarkable watchtower in the shape of a snail shell. The round shapes of the landmark and the different colours of concrete made the project challenging, but exciting. The solid and sculptural form is made out of concrete blocks and assembled as one large 3D puzzle. Due to the application of different concrete compositions, several shades of grey are reflected in the artwork to represent the different earth layers, resembling a ground drilling.

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