Waaggebouw Woensel-West in de wijk_Loes van Duijvendijk

Waag Woensel-West

Pinnacle of progress

The end is finally here after two decades of revitalization in the neighborhood of Woensel-West. A project which has culminated in the new Waag. In 2003, NEXT architects began exploring improvements for Woensel-West; a 1930s neighborhood once associated with crime and vandalism. The desire to spark a transformation was captured in the title of an urban planning vision, 'Because Tastes Differ'. Edisonstraat remains as the main street through the neighborhood, and several colorful enclaves have emerged along its length over the past eighteen years.
Waaggebouw Woensel-West gezien vanuit de Edisonstraat _Loes van Duijvendijk
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers with Mireia Martin, Marcel Geerdink, Jouke Sieswerda, Karolina Bihun, Nick Vullings


Dirk Roosenburgprijs 2023 / nominee

London International Creative Competition 2023 / shortlisted

ArchDaily Building of the Year 2024 / nominee

Photography: Loes van Duijvendijk and Igor Vermeer / Drone: Dirk Roosenburgprijs 2023

Exploring the open building

The new multifunctional cultural center in Eindhoven signifies a new focal point for Woensel-West. At the top of Edisonstraat, space has now been cleared for Waag Woensel-West designed by NEXT architects, which features a distinct sculptural design and striking color. This multifaceted building embraces the colorful neighborhood, thanks to a pronounced design crowned by corner accents, the diversity of its various levels and the distinctive orange façade.

NEXT-architects_Waaggebouw-Woensel-West_Igor-Vermeer_Trudo_playing kids

Connecting the neighbourhood to the city

As a showpiece for the revitalization, Woensel-West deserved a building to symbolize its elevation to a proud neighborhood. Drawing on historical references, the idea was to create a weighing house that stands out on its own square, a place of significance. On an open base facing the neighborhood, the building feels like an extension of the environment and serves as an inviting gathering place for community activities. It becomes a location to which all residents can turn with their questions, as well as for development, growth and enjoyment of each other’s company. The neighborhood meeting center is arranged around a base on the local-street scale.


Creating a new local identity

With its location-specific design, the project aims to compliment the usage, density and architectural styles typical of Woensel-West. The layered composition leading to the tower provides numerous orientation possibilities and creates relationships with the adjacent outdoor spaces. This layering divides into four parts. The ground floor houses the neighborhood building and the various addresses on the squares, while the ground-floor apartments are in the façades facing the square. The rooftop terrace on the base offers a shared outdoor living space, and from the top of the tower there are views over Eindhoven.

The design is flexible in use, allowing for different housing configurations and future functions. The combination of central core and wrap-around façade offers great freedom in the layout possibilities. Waag Woensel-West is the crowning achievement of the neighborhood’s development and marks the beginning of vibrant progress.


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Waaggebouw Woensel-West_NEXT architects_Loes van Duijvendijk
Waaggebouw Woensel-West _Ecoshapes facade_Loes van Duijvendijk
Waaggebouw Woensel-West _detail of corridor_Loes van Duijvendijk
Waaggebouw Woensel-West _detail of the facade_Loes van Duijvendijk
Waaggebouw Woensel-West_NEXT architects_Loes van Duijvendijk
Waaggebouw Woensel-West_corner view _Loes van Duijvendijk
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