Service Station Verzetslaan

Wooden equilibrium

At the entrance of Purmerend, a gas station and an auto repair and maintenance service come together in one sustainable design. The program consists of a vehicle workshop of approximately 350m2 with an adjacent lobby, four carwash boxes, and an unmanned petrol station. The circular building has a visible wooden main support construction, a green facade on the south and west sides, and solar panels on the high roof. Altogether, the building has a sustainable appearance that adapts to the surrounding landscape.
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Joost Lemmens, Nick Vullings, Jate Bleeker, Marcel Geerdink

Exploring Modern Constructions

Via the Verzetslaan a lot of traffic enters Purmerend. The existing workshop and gas station, previously located at two different locations, are now combined on a new location and function as a gatehouse to the city. By using wood as a construction material, which is visible through a cantilevered canopy, the design has a modern and sustainable appearance that fits well within the surrounding landscape.

Connecting multiple programs

The clear, striking, and high-quality wooden construction determines the appearance of the service station. It’s more than just an awning; it is a circular construction with future value. The combined design with multiple programs and natural materials is a balanced combination of functionality, creativity, and sustainability. The green facade on the south side, the solar panels on the roof, and the option to add fast charging stations contribute to the green identity of the building and make it into a service station for the future.

Creating Wooden Solutions

The pavilion consists of a series of wooden laminated beams stacked crosswise on top of each other. This visible construction contributes optimally to the functionality in the height of the design. The upper series of beams in the north-south direction shape the higher part of the workshop so that work can be done at sufficient height. These beams then go outwards to create the required underpass for the gas station. The lower series of beams in the east-west direction link the three different program components together in one volume: lobby, workshop, and laundry boxes.

By making a number of openings at various places in the façade, good permanent daylight is ensured. This creates a compact building form that fits within the urban development pattern in the area while respecting the important east-west views.

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