Villa Overgooi

Living apart together

Villa Overgooi is a special five-in-one villa in the natural environment of the Flevopolder. Five private homes have been developed on a 5000m2 plot, which together have the appearance of one compact villa. Due to the special way in which the houses are intertwined, all residential units have the qualities of a detached house, with sufficient privacy and views in four directions.
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Michel Schreinemachers, Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk with Joost Lemmens, Filipe Pocas, Esther ten Brink, Rolf Pederson, Maria Salinas

Adviesburo Nieman, VDW Bouwadvies, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Van Duin Installation Management, Installatiebedrijf Hoekstra-Mildam

Architecture Prize Almere 2010 / Nominee
Europa House Award 2009 / Nominee
AM NAI AWARD 2018 / Nominee
Golden Pyramid awards 2008 / Nominee

Iwan Baan, Dean Kaufman

Exploring Residential Possibilities

Overgooi is a wooded area, in the middle of a green polder landscape, with a wide view over the Gooimeer. The sparkling orange colour of the villa creates a powerful contrast with the blue skies and green nature and gives the building a recognizable identity. The location-specific design ensures that each home has its own characteristic living qualities, which make the individual residential units within the villa unique.

Connecting five homes into one

In order to intertwine the five homes in the volume into one compact building, the two floors have been rotated a quarter with respect to each other. This creates a special spatiality and gives each house a double orientation: on the first-floor east-west so that the house makes a connection between street and garden; on the second-floor north-south, whereby the qualities of view and sunlight are optimally utilized. Due to this spatial construction, all houses have the luxury and qualities of a detached house, but at the same time the security of living with neighbours.

Creating Quality Housing

The houses in the villa are characterized by a special spatial layout with lots of light and wide views. The light reaches the bottom of the houses by means of skylights and voids. In order to make optimal use of the green quality of the environment, the entire building has been elevated, so that every home has a view of the Gooimeer from the second floor. The garden of the building has also been lifted so that residents have direct access to it from the terrace. This creates the underlying square, where all the front doors of the houses are located and where the residents meet regularly.

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