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The Bay View Cascais

Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers with Joost Lemmens, Arno Kwint, Ule Koopmans, Douwe Strating, Jeroen Bos, Jorn Kooijstra, Martina Diano
Grupo Auchan (Commercial programme) / Benno van Veggel (Residential programme)
Transformation project: 146 apartments, commercial spaces, public park and underground parking
Cascais / PT
Fragmentos de Arquitectura
34.000 m2

Situated on the Atlantic coast, Cascais is one of Portugal’s main tourist destinations nearby the capital Lisbon. NEXT architects, together with the Portuguese architecture office Fragmentos de Arquitectura were selected to design the new entrance area of Cascais.

The project will be a major makeover for the area, where people are currently faced with an outdated Jumbo supermarket surrounded by a parking lot. NEXT and Fragmentos the Aquitectura’s design will give the area a brand new identity. Currently characterized as a concrete jungle, the area will soon become a relaxing landscape: a high-quality and green entrance for the city.

The parking lot will be placed underground, in order to create a new public park. The newly designed shopping mall with a food court and various spa facilities, is fully integrated within the park. In addition, space is created for small-scale residential buildings with 146 apartments. With their green facades, large outdoor areas and green roofs, these buildings are an integral part of the landscape.

In February NEXT architects, Fragmentos de Arquitectura and the Mayor of Cascais, presented the plan to the residents of Cascais. Construction works are expected to start early 2018, thereby transforming the entrance area of Cascais into a green public space that combines several facilities for both residents and tourists to meet and relax. 

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