Forum Stairs

Disrupting Hierarchy

The project involved an interior design for a young and ambitious Chinese architectural office in Beijing, China. The company owns four floors of a new office building, where each floor had to be divided into individual departments.
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Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers and John van de Water

Exploring Chinese work culture

Chinese office environments are generally highly hierarchical, following Confucianism. Two important things played a role in the interior design of a young Chinese architectural firm. Firstly, an inspiring atmosphere had to be created that stimulates creativity. Second, the relationship between creativity and Chinese hierarchy was central. This office also had to be segregated with four independent floors.

Connecting creativity

An important principle in the design is that the hierarchy of the new office environment should not hinder creativity. The interior starts with the belief that creativity benefits from exchange. Parameters for creativity arise when maximum possibilities for interaction exist. To make this possible, two staircases have been introduced from which the design of a forum is derived. The two circular Forums Stairs connect the floors both logistically and visually and create one uniform office environment. The stairs not only function as a connecting point, but they are central places to come together on both a social and business level.

Creating Harmony

In China, a round shape symbolizes unity and harmony. From this added element, anyone using the stairs stands in the centre of the Forum, and the office. Because the stairs are positioned in line with each other, a continuous stair landscape is created with which a total height of 15 meters is bridged. A double-height meeting room fills the space under the stairs. In addition to informal gatherings, the Forum Stairs are also used as temporary exhibition space, informal meetings, or for festive activities.

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