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LAI prize 2008 for NEXT architects!

Of the five projects nominated, the jury chose NEXT’s design because of the relatively simple devices employed to create eminently inhabitable interiors, and because the worlds of principality and culture were joined effectively.  The jury:The interior is in no way an assembled showcase of objects, but a synthesized whole of spaces and zones, in which work places have been created that allow for, alternatively, introverted processes or group settings. This flexibility is supported further by the bespoke furnishings designed specifically for and used throughout the premises; despite this visual cohesion the furniture pieces do not dominate the visual impression. Perhaps the most significant achievement NEXT realized is the additional space that was won through the building, without the least sacrifice of functionality.


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NEXT publications

Recently Wieden+Kennedy, Eck en Wiel and Villa Overgooi were published in de Architect and Bauwelt. The articles can be downloaded in our section NEXT on stage.

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NEXT nominated for the AM NAi Award 2008

NEXT is nominated for the AM NAi award 2008, the prize for best building of an architect under 40. Out of 76 entries 4 nominations were selected by the jury. Villa Overgooi is selected for its convincing design considering the program and complexity of a collective that consists of five private clients. The award will be announced on November 7th 2008 together with the presentation of the publication ‘Facts & Forms’ covering all nominations.  

→ http://www.nai.nl/amnai

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deck installed

The deck with a span of 30mtr of the bridge over the Regge is installed yesterday. The process is still on schedule. Within a few weeks the bridge will already be opened for traffic. Full steam ahead.

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1st prize Architectural Biennale Moscow.

The prize for ‘best exhibition of the International pavilion’ was given to NEXT architects and the TU Delft for their combined research and practice on housing density. Together they showed the research called  ’Block Library’ that was set up by NEXT architects at the university and executed by graduate students. It systematically researches the relation between building size and building quality, extracting some strategies on high quality housing blocks for dense areas. Two projects of NEXT were shown to illustrate the theory.

The Moscow biennale continues until June 22.

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No fooling about

Under this title, the architecture magazine MARK publishes a 14 pages long article on NEXT architects in their april/may issue.

The article focusses on the steady growth of our firm, work in China and the work for 'droog design'.

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On behalf of the award the Gouden Piramide 2008 a broadcasting showed Villa Overgooi with interviews, flythroughs and comments from the jury.

→ broadcasting Villa Overgooi

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Another NEXT nomination: Dutch Design Awards 2008

After nominations for the Gouden Piramide 2008,  the AMNAI prize 2008 (both Villa Overgooi) and the Lensvelt De Architect Interior Award (Wieden+Kennedy) another NEXT nomination: House M&M is anounced as finalist in the category Private Interiors of the Dutch Design Awards 2008.

→ http://www.dutchdesignawards.nl/

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Interview on vk.tv with John van de Water

Before the Olympics started vk.tv made a series of documentaries on the building explosion in China and especially in Beijing. John van de Water showed them several of our building sites. For the interview you can visit

→ http://www.vk.tv/video/1050702

Festive opening

On Friday June 27, guided by the local orchestra, Mayor Tammes of the municipality Buren has officially inaugurated the estate Huis te Wiel, nearly four years after starting the design. NEXT architects, together with Claudia Linders, has been responsible for the masterplan, one of the houses and the annexes.

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Sneak preview

Sneak preview of one of IBM’s three courtyards. The construction is running at full speed and delivery is scheduled end of June.

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Exhibiton | NEXT at Het Huis, de Kamers

Curator Marten Hendriks invited NEXT architects for the exhibition Het Huis, de Kamers at artcenter K13 in Velp, among artists and designers as Ineke Hans, Joris Laarman, Mark Manders and Suze May Sho.

Present at the exhibition are Slow Glow by NEXT architects with Aura Luz Melis and Spacer Chair and the Woven Waffle Screen, both with Samira Boon.

Het Huis, de Kamers opens at february 23, 16 hrs. Kunsthuis K13 Kastanjelaan 13 688HZ Velp

→ www.k13.nl


Recent and Upcoming NEXT events

NEXT has been selected for the publication ‘America/Europe: 44 Young architects', curated by the Spanish magazine Scalae. Other selected offices include BIG (Denmark), Nuno Brandão Costa (Portugal) and Supersudaca (Chile)
The Table Tennis Fence is selected for the exhibition ‘Actions: what you can do with the city’ at the Canadian Center for Architecture, 1920 Rue Baile, Montreal. November 26 2008 until April 19, 2009 

The Share Fence is part of the Singletown exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia. September 14, 2008 – November 23, 2008 

The final design for the Textile Monument is presented at the Audax Textiel Museum in Tilburg.  November 1 – November 20 2008. Audax Textielmuseum, Goirkestraat 96 Tilburg.
House M&M will be presented at the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong. December 8 – December 13 2008, Hong Kong Design Centre 

Villa Overgooi has a double show at the Netherlands Architecture Institute at the exhibitions dedicated to the nominees of the AMNAI prize and the Gouden Piramide Award. NAI, November 8 – February 23, 2009 Museumpark 25, Rotterdam 

Villa Overgooi will be presented at the television show KunstUur, broadcasted on November 8, 17:00 hrs, Ned. 2. 

John van de Water will lecture on the work of NEXT architects China at the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Sunday November 23, 15:00 hrs Museumpark 25, Rotterdam


NEXT table at Kortrijk interior exhibition

The table designed for the office of Wieden+Kennedy is now on show in Kortrijk. In case you are interested, just contact us, it's for sale.

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New landmark for Amsterdam?

Quest Magazine why Amsterdam lacks an architectonic icon like the Eiffel tower. Amsterdam is no city of ‘useless’ icons is the answer of NEXT architects.

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Rondje Delfzijl | proposals online

Wednesday May 21, NEXT has presented their collaborative work with Claudia Linders for the public space in Delfzijl to an enthusiastic crowd of local inhabitants. The other participants also received honorable mention. The people’s choice will influence the final decision.



golden nomination

Our clients from the project Villa Overgooi have been nominated for the prestigious Gouden Piramide 2008, which is the award for outstanding clients in the Netherlands. Other nominees include VIA Project Development, Unilever, the Netherlands Institute For Sound And Vision , and the Amsterdam Muncipal Archives. 

The winner wil be announced on national television in November.

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In close collaboration with the landscape architects of Inside Outside the Textile Monument has been re-positioned and now will become the anchor point in the new museum garden of the Textile Museum in Tilburg.  Construction is scheduled to be finished in mid 2009, the year the city celebrates its bicentennial.



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