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siciliaolanda II

The exhibition SICILIAOLANDA II features the work of young Dutch and Sicilian architects under 40 including NEXT architects. The exhibition is located at EXPA, Palermo. Michel Schreinemachers will give two lectures at the Kursaal Kalhesa, Foro Umberto I Palermo at Friday December 19ht and Monday December 21th, both at 18:30 hrs. by invitation of AutonomeForme.


NEXT at Lucky Dutch

On Tuesday november 10th, NEXT architects attended the official visit of Dutch Minister Timmermans to the Lucky Dutch exhibition in Winzawod, Moscow. Marijn Schenk introduced the exhibition to the minister and, amongst others, the Dutch Ambassador Ron Keller and the director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute Ole Bouman. A lecture by Schenk at the Moscow Union of Architects was attended by a public of about 400 people.


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Google Earth View

At the moment the construction works are due to be finished, The IBM office and research center in Beijing has appeared on Google Earth. The clear concept of superpositioned ellipses including two office 'bars' is clearly readable.

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10x10 III for Phaidon

By invitation of Bart Goldhoorn, NEXT architects is part of the new 10 x 10 publication by Phaidon, a kaleidoscopic view of the work of 100 contemporary architects around the world selected by 10 leading international curators and critics.



With a kick-off workshop at the Delfzijl City Centre, NEXT started the design for the reconstruction of the centre of Holland’s most Northern City Delfzijl, including the Architectural Quality Plan. With the urban plan, the city has two intentions: first, to (re)connect the heart with the harbor, and second, to incorporate the effects of shrink in this region.

NEXT architects, together with Claudia Linders, closely cooperates with Karres & Brands landscape architects, responsible for the Masterplan Public Space.


Impossible stair for Carnisselande

With the proposal In Weiter Ferne, so Nah NEXT architects won an invited competition for a folly in Carnisselande, Barendrecht: The Elastic Perspective. 

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Construction started for the new annex of the Chewing Gum Factory. NEXT architects works on the design for the renovation of the former industrial building in Amsterdam Overamstel which will house a variety of creative industries.

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Architecture of consequence

Director of the NAi, Ole Bouman presents Architecture of Consequence, a publication that demonstrates that there needs to be a shift from spatial to social tasks, because the notion that architecture should be an expression of its time or of the might of its commissioners pales into insignificance when compared to its value in resolving societal problems.  The NAI selected 22 Dutch architecture firms including NEXT architects, with distinctive ideas concerning the seven stated themes and an unbridled ambition to do something about them. The result is an agenda for the future of our living environment, but is also a sampler of the creative power of designers to provide its actual substance.



Lucky Dutch festival

NEXT architects has been invited to take part in the Lucky Dutch Festival in Moscow later this year. Besides NEXT architects Curator Irina Korobina selected MVRDV, West 8, Neutelings Riedijk, ONL and Arup to represent six different themes of contemporary Dutch Architecture. We will discuss the theme Density.


Nomination Europa House Award

After nominations for the Gouden Pyramide 2008 and the AMNai prize 2008, Villa Overgooi has been nominated again for the award for the most exceptional European housing project. The award winners will be announced on September 3, 2009.

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"Readymade bookshelf" in Milan

A prototype in progress since 2003, Readymade bookshelf  is released in a limited edition in leather with gold detailing and on view during the Milan furniture fair. The bookshelf comes with a façade of all the 'need-to-have' books for status, even if you don’t intend to read them. The façade gradually gets replaced by the actual books you are reading, for when you are ready to display them.

Milan 2009, April 22nd – 25th

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NEXT is nominated with the interior of Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam. 

--> http://www.lai2008.nl/

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Creative Commons: Dwell featuring Villa Overgooi

US Magazine Dwell – At Home in the World – is featuring an extensive report on Villa Overgooi in the December/January edition. Check the excellent side show on Dwell online.

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Start construction

Constructor Heerkens Van Bavel starts the construction works for the Growth Monument in Tilburg on the September 14.

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Building permit daycare center

Last week we received the building permit for daycare center Hestia. Within a few weeks the tender will start; construction is scheduled for the end of the year.

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international edition of the ‘architecture game’

The architecture game, that was made by NEXT in 1999 is ready for a new release. We found that it would be a great project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game with an international edition. Up till now it was only available in Dutch. Right now are working on updating the questions. We are planning to release it at the end of the year.  


Intense Low-Rise in Groningen

The manifestation opened its doors last Friday with more than 50 plans for Groningen by national and international architects. With the assignment from Nijestee Development NEXT contributed to the 'Intense Low-Rise'. NEXT used the knowledge gathered while they joined the study Density and Spatial Quality, together with Rudy Uytenhaak and Jeroen Mensink at Delft University of Technology. This resulted in a plan with a density of a 100 dwellings per hectare. Every single dwelling has direct access to ground level. Quality is guaranteed by making use of spatial qualities in the direct suroundings.

The exhibition is free to visit in Groningen from April 6th till June 19th 2009

→ Intense Low-Rise

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Chartbreaking: NEXT enters Architectenwerk Top 40 at the third place!

NEXT architects made its début in the ArchitectenWerk top 40 2008 with a third place! This objectively compiled ‘coverage chart’ provides a comparative indication of the amount of attention the different architect’s offices have received in the Dutch architectural magazines and journals during the year.
Earlier in October 2008, the Spanish magazine A+ selected NEXT for their yearly Young International Architects issue and the Polish magazine Murator indicated NEXT architects as one of the 14 European rising stars.

The Architectural Review's editor-in-chief Kieran Long selected NEXT for his publication Hatch: The New Architectural Generation, published by Laurence King and in the coming spring we expect the prestigious Phaidon book 10x10 III featuring a selection of our latest works!

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