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Cityhall Bloemendaal | preliminary design approved

The preliminary design for the renovation and extension of the Bloemendaal Cityhall has been approved by the city council. The design is the result of a collaboration with Rudy Uytenhaak after our combined and successful entry in the European tender earlier this year.

Next step in the progress of the project will be the approval by the Municipal assembly at December 22, 2011.

For an introduction of the design by the Alderman Tames Kokke (spatial planning), check the youtube link:

→ Alderman Kokke on the design


publication in progress: seoulutions

The Dutch Architecture Association (BNA)  is funding NEXT to make a Freestyle publication about alternative forms of urban development. The booklet will show you extraordinary images of the metropolis Seoul. It analyzes and visualizes dynamic forms of urbanism that can serve the inspiration and discussion for urban planners.

The publication Freestyle # 03: Seoulutions is expected in early 2012 and will be available in the BNA Shop and architecture bookstores.

--> BNA


Exhibition: The Power of Now

In 1993, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture exhibited a selection from its first five years (1988-1992) under the titile De Kracht van Heden. In time when the progressive Dutch cultural policy changes drastically, Museum De Paviljoens paired this initial selection with a choice from the last five years of the Fonds BKVB.

NEXT architects is part of the selection, in the company of a.o. Atelier van Lieshout, UN studio, Rineke Dijkstra, Marlene Dumas, Job Koelewijn, Rem Koolhaas, Aernout Mik and Viktor&Rolf.

October 6 2011 - March 4 2012, Museum de Paviljoens Almere.


Nomination LAi award 2011

After winning the prestigious award in 2008 with Wieden+Kennedy, this year the interior for the Rabobank headquaters has been nominated for the LAi award. The Rabobank design is a co-creation of NEXT architects with Samira Boon, Emma architecten, Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten, Pentagram with and under supervision of Sander architecten.

The winner will be announced on thursday 24 november 2011.

→ more info

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Restructief: Helmholtzstraat

Commissioned by Lingotto, NEXT architects works on the re-construction of the Helmholtzstraat, a sixties office building by Piet Zandstra. The design concept is based on a careful renovation in order to bring back the originally intended qualities. A big intervention in the structure will be made at the entry, in order to open up the building to its surroundings and to bring daylight into the atrium in the heart of the building, which will function as a communal space for the future users.


NEXT selected for the Citadelbrug

The city of Nijmegen selected the architects for three new bridges which are part of the project ‘Ruimte voor de Waal’. Zwarts & Jansma Architects will make a design for the extension of the Waalbrug, Ney + Partners for the Promenadebrug and NEXT architects for the Citadelbrug. The bridges connect the new island and the north bank of Nijmegen.

The Citadel Bridge is for cyclists and pedestrians from the Oosterhoutsedijk to the island. The 230 meter long bridge, lands in the floodplain and several times a year will be partially or completely flooded. The western part of the island will host cultural and leisure activities. The design of the bridge will emphasize on the experience of the river park.


Breaking ground

By drilling the first pile, alderman Hans Krieger officially marked the beginning of the construction process of the Melkwegbrug in Purmerend. Completion of the foot- and bicycle bridge is scheduled for the end of 2012. 

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NEXT Architects will be among the many creative companies participating in Creative Amsterdam from May 11 to 13.

We invite you down to the Kauwgomballenfabriek on the 12th, from 6 PM until 10 PM to experience first hand the inner workings of our studio.

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NEXT @ Kunstuur | Architecturen

26 februari: In de vijfde aflevering van de zesdelige serie Architecturen worden deze week nieuwe kansen binnen de architectuur onderzocht. Maar hoe ziet dat er dan uit in de praktijk? Aan het woord komen Jan Konings, ontwerper van publieke ruimtes en de architecten van Next Architects.
Waar staat de architectuur op dit moment? In Kunstuur de nieuwe zesdelige serie Architecturen. De economische crisis zorgt ook in deze sector voor ongenoegen en moeilijkheden, maar vooral ook voor nieuwe uitdagingen en kansen.

Met medewerking van Liesbeth van der Pol (rijksbouwmeester) en Ronald Hooft (columnist).

→ Kunstuur 26 februari 2011


invited competition

Together with KCAP architects & Planners. NEXT architects present their entry for the A101 Urban Block Competition in Moscow. The A101 urban development called for a Block City Masterplan to house 320,000 inhabitants with 13 million m2 of residential space. KCAP/NEXT’s proposal – “100% Block City” – brings together the dimensions of individual elements of city life to enliven the monotonous block houses of the late socialist housing style while harmonizing the entirety into a single whole.

The project was developed in competition with MVRDV, Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht and Eddea.

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Elle Wonen features House M&C

The January-february issue of the Dutch magazine Elle Wonen features the private residence of NEXT architects’ Marijn Schenk and Claudia Linders.

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Young, enthusiastic and ambitious - this was Dutch architect John van de Water when setting off to a rapidly modernizing China in 2004. His intention was to put into practice in China the internationally recognized ideas of NEXT architects, the firm in which he is a partner.

\'You Can’t Change China, China Changes You\' is Van de Water’s personal, disarming and occasionally hilarious account of this compelling and confrontational quest for an authentic archi- tecture. Are Western design skills able to evolve in a cultural context as radically different as that of China?

Van de Water will be questioned about the content of his book by Wenchian Shi (project leader, MVRDV) and Michiel Hulshof (Go West Project). Afterwards the first copy of the Dutch edition will be presented to Lot van Schaik (former Chief of Cultural Affairs at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in China). This evening will be moderated by JaapJan Berg (Bergplaats) and will take place in collaboration with 010 Publishers.

Wednesday November 23, 20:00, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam


breaking ground

Construction works have started for the 40 Youth Dwellings in the Zoetermeer Oosterheem area. The project consist of 4 low rise blocks with 10 dwellings each. Completion is scheduled for mid 2012.

-->> flyer De Goede Woning

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Lecture: Seoulutions at the ETH

October 6th: Bart Reuser will present the research project Seoulutions at the ETH Zurich within the lecture series Urban Manufacturing, curated by Kees Christiaanse.

Seoulutions is a research into the dynamic transformation of the Seoul district Hongdae, started at the University of Seoul  during the visiting professorship of Bart Reuser (2010/2011). In the coming months the research will be extrapolated into the Dutch context: Seoulutions for Dutch Cities.


Istanbul Design Week features NEXT projects

İstanbul enthusiasts will have the opportunity to browse the cream of the crop of Dutch design this autumn with the winning exhibits of the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) 2010 set to be displayed as part of this year’s İstanbul Design Week (IDW).

Among the featured projects are NEXT architects\' Growth Monument and The Forum Stair, both finalists in the 2010 DDA.

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on site

The construction of Hestia daycare-center is nearing its completion. The festive opening is scheduled for 11-11-11….

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Topping out

The construction of daycare centre Hestia develops fast. The building is erected by using a massive wood construction, which allows big spans and rapid assembling.

After completion the construction of the interior design starts within a few weeks.

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On the first day of Creative Amsterdam John van de Water speaks about his experience in China in relation to the forthcoming publication \'You can\'t change China, China changes you\' Directly followed by the opening of the Dutch DFA knowledge cycle Guangzhou.

Wednesday May 11
Day closing: China changes you & opening Dutch DFA knowledge cycle
17.00 pm - 17.45 pm, Main Hall

→ Programme Creative Amsterdam


NEXT@SEOUL: workshop for Hyundai and Kia

Together with product designer Samira Boon, we organize a 6 day workshop to discuss the future development of mobility and car design. The workshop is organized exclusively for the Hyundai and Kia marketing and design teams and evolves around the theme of conceptual thinking. It aims on discovering breakthrough ideas for the future. We will make use of our experience gathered in various education programs at the Design Academy Eindhoven and the TU Delft .


arcam lecture brakke grond

For the series of architecture lectures \'ARCAM in de Brakke Grond\', once a month a distinguished architect is invited to talk, in a theatrical ambience, about his or her work and about design philosophy and sources of inspiration.

For the april edition of the ARCAM lecture, Marijn Schenk will stage the floor at tuesday april 12 2011. Check the Arcam website for updates and tickets.



upcoming lecture groningen

Marijn Schenk will lecture at \'De Vereniging tot Bevordering der Bouwkunst\'. Tuesday february 8th, 20:00 hrs. at the School of Architecture, Groningen.

→ Lecture Groningen


you can\'t change china, china changes you

NEXT is proud to announce the forthcoming book. It will be published by 010 Publishers and will be available in bookshops around the world from May 2011. The book describes the development of work and thinking of NEXT architects in China. It starts from the very early initiatives to the eventual construction of over a million square meter of projects in China.

“Young, eager and ambitious, architect John van de Water set off in 2004 to a China that was modernizing at a furious pace. His intention was to take the conceptual thinking of NEXT architects, highly rated as this is in Europe, and put it into practice. Five turbulent years ensued, with upward of a million square meters of projects being built on Chinese soil. This meant constantly placing the borders of Western architecture’s frame of reference in the light of the Chinese context. A whole range of emotions sprang up in the space between Western and Chinese architectural thinking: incomprehension, confrontation, misunderstanding, acceptance, awareness, understanding and, eventually, advantage. You Can’t Change China, China Changes You is a personal reflection on this experience. In it, the development of architectural thinking is described, researched and tested. Just how tenable is Western architecture in a cultural context as utterly different as that of China? And can we imagine an enhanced architectural value emerging from the trade-off between Western thinking and the Chinese context?”

-->> pre-order




‘The New Standard’ and ‘An excellent example for all the Amsterdam daycare centers’: that’s how the Amsterdam Mayor Van der Laan qualified the design for the Hestia daycare center during the festive inauguration last friday, november 11th, 2011.

The building, designed by NEXT architects and Claudia Linders, is inspired by the Italian Reggio Emilia Pedagogy, developed by Loris Malaguzzi and follows the architectural notion of ‘a building as a small city’. The complex, constructed with the use a prefab timber building system, consists of a collection of small, large, high, narrow and low spaces around a central piazza.

→ view project


Lecture: The Spontaneous City Seminar

During this one day seminar eight examples of Spontaneous City development from all over the world will be presented and discussed. Among these The Seoulutions project, presented by Bart Reuser.

Joost Beunderman, Kunle Adeyemi and Luuk Boelens will give a key-note presentation and reflect both on the ideas of Spontaneous City and on the worldwide examples. But also the dynamic location of the seminar, the Oostenburg Island, will be illustrated by Tess Broekmans and Albert Ravestein. The day ends with a round table discussion with all the speakers and the participants. Eight projects have been selected from all that responded to the call. They are situated in China, Cyprus, Brazil, North-America, Belgium, Seoul, and Berlin.

You can subscribe for the seminar by sending an email to events@ifhp.org with
’14 October’ as subject. Participation is free and includes a lunch and drinks.
Amsterdam Roest is in Oostenburg along the Wittenburger Vaart.


Invited competition De Groene Kamer

\' Just outside of the city boundaries of Tilburg a 30 hectare mix of eco-retail, ‘edutainment’, leisure programme and nature is planned: a recreational hub for the residents of Tilburg and a starting point for various walking, bike and horse riding trails.\'

NEXT architects has been selected for the restricted competition for the architectural design within the .Fabric and Lola landscapes masterplan.

Other competitors are Drost&vanVeen, Diederen Dirrix, Paul de Ruiter, Shift A. and Kempe Thill.

The results of the competition will be exhibited at Cast later this year.

→ See De Groene Kamer


Blue Eyes Looking at China

In the past few years, many Western architects and urban planners have made an attempt to become involved in projects in China – with varying results. How do Western designers experience the tempestuous developments that are now taking place in China? What can they contribute to Chinese building practice? And what can the West learn from the Chinese approach? In this round table discussion, architecture critic Zhou Rong interviews three Dutch authors of recently published books about their experiences as architects and researchers in China; among them: John van de Water with the forthcoming You Can’t Change China, China Changes You, 010 Publishers.

The discussion is part of ‘Open Landscape - Open Book’ - Beijing International Book Fair, Dutch authors supported by the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB)

4 September 2011 16:00 - Ullens Center For Contemporary Art|尤伦斯当代艺术中心 - 798 Art District, Jiu Xian Qiao Lu No.4, Chao Yang District  Reservations required:  010-57800200



Co-creating the Rabobank

With the Co-create event on Tuesday june 21, the new Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht opened its doors. Co-create: the interior design of the new building, 56.000 sqm., is a collaborative work of Pentagram, Richard Hutten, Ineke hans, Emma, NEXT architects and Sander architecten, supervisor and chief-designer of the project.  

Within the masterplan, NEXT architects was, among other parts, responsable for the design of the Bakery in which we collaborated with Boon design. Leading theme of this design is the balance between concentration and communication.  The designacts as a katalysator for different modes of interaction.

-->> read about the opening event (dutch)

-->> more images and movies

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Start design phase Bloemendaal City hall

After the successful tender for the redevelopment of the Bloemendaal City Hall in March this year, the combination NEXT – Uytenhaak has been commissioned to start with the preliminary design. The project includes a renovation of 3.500m2 and an extension of another 1.000m2. A new service centre will be included in the building.


NAI matchmaking china

From 24 to 26 April, the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) organizes a symposium and workshops in Hangzhou, bringing together 5 Chinese and 5 Dutch architecture offices. This matchmaking project has the ambition to instigate collaborations between Dutch and Chinese architects and develop innovative solutions for China’s housing market. The results of the workshops will be presented during the Shenzhen Architecture Biennale in 2011.

NEXT architects will be among the 5 dutch offices, accompagnied by KCAP, Arons and Gelauff, NL architects and Barcode.

→ more info
→ movingcities.org


bridges for the Noordwaard

NEXT architects co-operated with HNS landschapsarchitecten in the design for the bridges and pumping-stations for the Noordwaard. The Noordwaardpolder is one of the major projects within the Ruimte voor de Rivieren strategy which focuses on controlled inundation to enlarge water detention capacity.

The team NEXT/HNS took part in the combination Voorwaards (Ballast-Nedam Infra with Liebregts) in the design and construct tender procedure. The tender was won by Boskalis, Martens en van Oord, van Hattem en Blankevoort and Gebr. van Kessel who invited ipv Delft and West 8 for the architectural design.


under construction

The construction of the Hestia Daycare is in rapid progress. The spatial structure of the project is clearly visible in the foundation. Delivery is scheduled for summer 2011.

→ view project


start construction

After a successful tender Van Hattum Blankevoort / Volker Wessels has been contracted for the engineering and construct of the Melkwegbridge in Purmerend. Construction will start in march 2011; delivery is scheduled for September 2012.

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