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ArchiTV: To build in China: John van de Water

Archined followed John van de Water to the building site of Creative Design District, in Beijing China. In a short documentairy, published on ArchiNed, John talks about his experiences on building in China.

→ Click here to view the video (in Dutch, English subtitles available)


Apartment building for young starters

NEXT architects, as part of a team of nine other Dutch and Chinese architecture offices, have been working for the last year on a project for affordable housing for VANKE. The project consist of 15 and 21 m2 apartments for young starters.

The project is part of a matchmaking program initiated by the Netherlands Architecture institute and initially organized by movingcities.org Other companies involved are NL architects, AEG architects, Barcode Architects, KCAP architects, Standard Architecture, Urbanus, O-office Node architects and CAFA University.


The project is located in Beijing and construction is scheduled to start next year.

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Upcoming lectures

Bart Reuser will lecture on Seoulutions at the Urbanismweek at Delft University of Technology september 27th 2012. → info/directions

Michel Schreinemachers will present a statement and guide an open studio at the NEXT CITY event at the Beijing Design Week, september 28th 2012 → info/directions

Marijn Schenk will deliver a statement at the symposium The Future of Architecture on the occasion of Herman Hertzberger’ 80th birthday, Delft University of Technology, october 11the 2012 → info/directions

Michel Schreinemachers will lecture at the opening of Housing the Crowd at the Jakarta Architecture Triennale, Erasmus House october 17th 2012 → info/directions


Vote for NEXT in Arc12

The design for Hestia Daycare and the Bakery within the Rabobank Headquarters are both in the running for the Arc12 Architecture award. You can have a look at the project on the website of De Architect (in Dutch), and don\'t forget to vote by \'liking\' the project at the bottom of the page. 

→ Hestia Daycare

→ The Bakery, for Rabobank Headquarters



The book Seoulutions is out now. The book shows the dynamic transformation of the neigborhood of Hondgae in Seoul. It collected a wealth of examples that can be of inspiration for the Netherlands. Where the Dutch planning system excels in protecting our interests and conserving our space, Seoul manages to provide a framework that rewards initiative and transformation of the existing city.

→ The book can be ordered at the BNA Bookshop.

→ Read the article that Dutch magazine S+RO published on Seoulutions

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Highest point!

With the installation of the first part of the big arc, the Melkwegbrug reaches its highest point.

On tuesday june 5th the second part of the arc will be put in position. From september on, pedestrians will be able to cross the canal and reach the bridge\' summit, while the path for those on wheels zig-zags agross the water in order to achieve the required length to create a gentle slope between the banks of different heights.

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Decks installed!

The construction of the bridge continues. On April 25th, the two rotating decks were successfully installed. These parts of the bicycle bridge are made out of steel and were produced on the wharf in Rotterdam. Both elements were then shipped to the location in Purmerend.

The next part in constructing the bridge, will be the installation of the big arch. This is planned for the beginning of June.

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Residents visit for first time

Building corporation De Goede Woning organized a meeting for the future residents of Oosterheem, a new urban development within the city of Zoetermeer (NL). During the meeting, the future residents got a chance to meet their neighbors and visit the construction site together with Edo Haan, municipal executive councilor of Zoetermeer.

Oosterheem will consist of 40 youth dwellings, spread out over 4 building blocks. Each block has its own unique character and a communal garden. Residents will share their thoughts on the arrangement of the communal gardens surrounding the buildings. NEXT architects is responsible for the design of the residentials. Construction will be completed halfway throughout 2012.

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2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biënnale Organizer Committee Special Award

The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) has won the ‘2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biënnale of Urbanism/Architecture Organizer Committee Special Award’ with the exhibition ‘Housing with a Mission’. The exhibition won the award because it was considered most meaningful for the Chinese architecture practice.

The exhibition displays design solutions for affordable housing that were developed as part of a joint Dutch-Chinese project.Participating offices are NL Architects, Arons en Gelauff architecten, NEXT architects, KCAP and BARCODE Architects and the five Chinese architecture firms Urbanus, Standard, NODE, O-Office and CAFA University.

The housing is intended for a group of people in China that is often overlooked: graduates with a low income, also known as \'ant tribe\'. The starters, who often live in poor conditions, are actually very important for society because they constitute a large group of highly educated people who are not afraid to speak up. China \'s future is in their hands. 

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Archilecture China changes you and interview

John van de Water will be interviewed for Radio Kunststof 15th February from 19:00 to 20:00. The interview will be broadcasted live.

On 16th February he will lecture at Eindhoven University of Technology, (lecture organized by Eindhoven Center for Architecture, Casa Vertigo and TU/e) Both events are connected to the recently published book ‘You Can’t Change China, China Changes You’


Start renovation Huygens\'Dok

A fresh start in 2012 with the renovation of the Huygens\'Dok. Step by step the building will be stripped, window frames replaced and finally the facade. Last but not least the big intervention in the structure will be made at the entry. This is scheduled early spring.

→ more info and news Huygens\'Dok 


Modern Architecture Game officially launched

December 16th marked the launch of the Modern Architecture Game, an architectural boardgame created by NEXT. To celebrate this event, a tournament was held. Winner of the evening was Hans Ibelings, a Dutch architectural critic. He was named the first official Dutch Allround Architectural expert 2011.


NEXT architects honored with the Europe 40 under 40 award

Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk and Michel Schreinemachers are honored with the Europe 40 Under 40 award, initiated by The European Center as an annual program to spotlight and identify the next generation of architects and designers who will impact future living and working environments, cities, and rural areas.

\"This year\'s awarded Europe 40 Under 40 \" states Christian K. Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President, The Chicago Athenaeum, \"are some of the brightest and most progressive architects and designers ever selected in this program over the years. Their work is highly innovative, densely imaginative, and full of a new spirit that characterizes European design today.\"


Europe 40 Under 40 forms an exhibition that opens in Spring 2013 at Contemporary Space Athens (74 Mitropoleos Street) and part of the Grand Opening of the new Museum Building in Athen\'s historic Plaka District. The Europe 40 Under 40 Laurates will present their current work in a separate lecture series. After Athens, the exhibition is scheduled to travel inside Europe.


→ more info


Artwork revealed at Theaters Tilburg

A special work of art, made by Samira Boon and NEXT architects for the concert hall of Theaters Tilburg, was revealed during a concert of Amsterdam\'s Sinfonietta. The artwork can best be described as a moving screen that devides the concert hall into a smaller and more intimate space. The screen will be put to use during smaller concert, where an intimate atmosphere is more suitable.

The development of the screen took place in the Textile Museum in Tilburg. The screen is made out of a white fabric, bearing a motif made out of green glow-in-the-dark yarn. This yarn will keep glowing, even after the lights of the concert have faded out.

→ view project


Nominated for the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize!

The biannual Iakov Chernikhov International Prize, established in 2006, is given to the best among contemporary architects of the young generation – up to 44 years old - for a body of work which demonstrates \"the most original, authentic and innovative concept of architecture\". 

Earlier winners include Dogma (2006), Ishigami (2008) and Fantastic Norway (2010).

-->> more info on the award 


Lighting installed

With the end of construction just around the corner, the lighting on the Melkwegbridge has succesfully been installed. LED lights illuminate the contruction\'s contours and add to the spectacle of the design. The official public opening of the bridge will take place on october 13th.

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Final design presented

On saturday june 9th NEXT and Uytenhaak presented their final design for the renovation and extension of the Bloemendaal Cityhall to the local community.

In order to utilize the potential of the roof’s large area roof area from the perspective of sustainability, it has been converted into an energy roof. Raising this new roof creates the necessary additional floor area. Furthermore, this new floor offers the right dimensions to accommodate new and more flexible working methodologies. By lowering the adjacent ground level, the exiting basement will be opened for daylight and access to accommodate new community centre.

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NEXT China new office

NEXT Beijing recently moved to a new office near Andingmen, one of Beijing’s old city-gates, and now enjoys a magnificent view over Ditan park. Brick by brick we installed a Yingbi - a screen-wall that blocks the entrance from negative Qi. Just by simply reorganizing the typical Beijing bricks, an intriguing distortion is created. 

Please note the new address of our Beijing office:

NEXT architects Beijing,
Emperor House #1101
136 Andingwaidajie Dongcheng Qu 
100011  Beijing CHINA
phone +86 (0)10 68080139
fax +86 (0)10 68080130

荷兰 NEXT 建筑事务所
北京市东城区安定门外大 街136号
皇城国际中心A座1101室 100011
电话 010 - 68080139
传真 010 - 68080130


NEXT at the longlist for the 21 for 21 awards!

Outstanding, forward-thinking people and organisations who have the demonstrable potential to be the next \'big thing\' in the architectural world....NEXT architects has been longlisted for the WAN AWARDS 21 for 21 Award 2012. This award is an initiative aiming to highlight 21 architects who could be the leading lights of architecture in the 21st Century.

Shortlisted architects include MAD, KCAP, Klein Dytham, Neil Denari and Rojkind arquitectos.

→ see the complete longlist here


Architects from NEXT design for Amstel Bridge competition

The Physical Planning Department of Amsterdam (PPD) praised the design of Jurriaan Hillerström and Thomas Heyer (architects at NEXT) for the international design competition ‘Amstel Bridge’. The purpose of the competition, organized by Architectural competition/Concours d’Architecture (AC-CA), was to design an iconic pedestrian bridge in the heart of Amsterdam. The PPD shared the vision that Amsterdam is not in need of more bridges, but in need of leisure on and around the canals.

The bridge designed by Hillerström and Heyer can be seen as a destination, instead of merely a connection. The construction is built up from seemingly randomly stacked platforms. This creates a variety of leisure zones, all orientated towards the sun and surrounding views points. In the middle of the asymmetric cross-section, a rolling platform opens up to water traffic. The bridge thus changes shape as boats pass by.

The program is an integral part of the bridge and partly located below water level. From the café, visitors will have a unique view on the functionality of the bridge. The edges of the platforms includes lightning that accentuates the sculptural form of the bridge.

Hillerstrom and Heyer worked on the project together with Vivian Scheepers, Mia Tsamis and Susheela Sankaram from Arup Amsterdam.


Vote for Hestia Building of the Year 2012

--> Follow this link and vote for Hestia by liking the project on facebook

Hestia Day Care Center has been nominated for Dutch Building of the Year. Everyone can vote through facebook, so visit the webpage Hestia for Building if the Year and click on the Like button!

\"The Hestia Day-Care Centre follows the philosophy of Reggio Emilia, which contains a number of explicit statements on architecture, which have been translated into a spatial concept for the new building.

The building becomes a collection of different spaces in which the children can discover new places all the time; may go on a voyage of discovery. All of the spaces are connected to each other just as they are in a real city and you can go from a big room to a small one, from a high room to a low one.

Different scales can be experienced as a result of the subtle use of height differences between the rooms themselves. In the central space, the large scale is perceptible because of the way the group spaces are separated, a smaller scale is perceptible because of the height and an even smaller scale is perceptible because of the sheltered spaces.

→ view project


under construction

The construction of the Melkwegbrug is at speed. With the removal of the formwork, the final appearance of the concrete parts of the lower bicycle bridge is displayed. Completion of the foot- and bicycle bridge is scheduled for the end of this year. 

→ view project


NEXT architects wins the Architect of the Year Audience award 2011

Last weekend NEXT won this years Architect of the Year Audience Award, earning a check for 2500 euros, which can be spend on a chosen activity in the Materia Inspiration Centre. NEXT was also nominated for the jury award with Dutch architectural practices Faro, Kempe Thill, Zecc and M3H.

The Architects of the Year Award aims to highlight – alongside the already established high architectonic qualities of their realized works – the professionalism and innovative qualities of Dutch architectural firms to clients, the press and the public. The professional jury for 2011 consisted of Lucas Verweij,  Anne Luijten and Alex van de Beld.


welcomes its first residents

A warm welcome by elderman Edo Haan for the first residents of the Youth Dwellings Oosterheem in Zoetermeer. Oosterheem consist of 40 youth dwellings, spread out over 4 building blocks. Each block has its own unique character and a communal garden. Residents will share their thoughts on the arrangement of the communal gardens surrounding the buildings.

The project makes use of a very efficient energy system, based on a Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage system that uses aquifers (underground water-bearing formations) to store heat and cold and the groundwater as a heat carrier.


→ view project


Festive opening for the Melkwegbridge


On October 13th, the Melkweg Bridge will open for the public during a festive programme on top of, and around the bridge. With the completion of the bridge, the connection between the  historic city centre and new districts of the city is officially restored.

The opening on October 13th is open for everyone interested to attend. For more information, please visit the website of Purmerend.

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NEXT at the international Future Cities Laboratory Conference

Bart Reuser will present our Seoulutions research project at the annual international Future Cities Laboratory Conference on 10 and 11 September 2012 at the ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg campus. This 2nd FCL conference, titled ‘Territorial Encounters’, will focus on the development, the evolution of concepts and strategies for new urban qualities for future cities. Speakers include Ken Yeang, Jane M. Jacobs, Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner.

-->> programme & directions


Artwork for the Concerthall in Tilburg

NEXT architects worked together with Samira Boon to create a custom made artwork for the concerthall in Tilburg. The challenge was to minimize the hall for small concerts, without losing the cosy atmosphere of the theatre. The collaboration led to a light weight fabric that can be set up quickly, in many forms. The fabric takes up, but also reflects light, which will leave the concerthall with a soft luminous pattern. The artwork will make its debute on October 9th, during a concert of the Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

A news item on the installation can be found here (Dutch)



Huygens\'Dok is near to completion

The renovation of the Huygens’Dok is going through its last phase. After stripping most of the building and rearranging the internal space of the public atrium on the first floor, the impact of the whole operation is now visible. The concrete of the building gives the space its new character. After completion, we\'ll start with the interior of the office for De Alliantie, Amsterdam.

→ more info and news Huygens\'Dok

→ view project


Succesfully moved in

Building corporation de Alliantie Flevoland successfully moved into their new office on the Blekerstraat in Almere. NEXT was responsible for the interior design that evolves from \'Het Nieuwe Werken\', which de Alliantie is currently implementing throughout their whole organisation structure. The design for de Alliantie Flevoland might therefore be taken up as a pilot for the new house style of de Alliantie.

Apart from the office in Almere, NEXT is also working on the interior of de Alliantie Amsterdam, located on the Helmholtzstraat.

→ view project


Honorable mention BNA Gebouw van het Jaar 2012 award!

The jury of the Northwest/center region has awarded the recently completed day-care center Hestia with an honorable mention at this year’s BNA Building of the year award.

More info and your vote in the audience award here:

→ cast your vote for Hestia!

→ view project


You Can't Change, China Changes You available in English

The English edition of You Can't Change, China changes you is available! Order the book online in English or Dutch. Read the rave book-review on archined.nl  in English or Dutch or listen to the one hour interview on Kunststof Radio (Dutch). Also available in specialized bookshops around the world.

(...) You Can’t Change China contains the right combination of adventure and anecdote, a facile pen and an intriguing theme. It grabs you right from the start and reads like a novel. (...)

(...) What Van de Water adds is the perspective from within — not simply out of curiosity as a journalist would record it, but as a conversation between Western and Chinese values on architecture, culture and society. This conversation, which Van de Water also conducts with himself, is apparent amidst all the adventures and anecdotes and makes it such an exciting book. (...)

more info:
→ Radio interview Kunststof (dutch)


Book review \'You Can\'t Change China, China changes You\' by Hans Teerds. Some excerpts:

\'... The beautiful aspect of Van de Water is that he writes without self-conceit or compassion. He is and remains astonished though. In the concluding chapter, he states that it is exactly this astonishment that kept him focused all these years in China\'.

\'... Van de Water adds [to the existing literature on China] a perspective from the inside - not solely out of curiosity like a journalist would write, but rather as a dialogue between Western and Chinese architectonic, cultural and social values...\'

→ Read the full review in Dutch in \'The power of astonishment\' (link opens in new window).


Now for sale : the modern architecture game

After a successful launch at the office of NEXT Architects, The Modern Architecture Game is now available in exclusive bookshops worldwide.

SINGLE GAMES (up to 5):

The Modern Architecture Game is now available for €45,- in exclusive bookshops and through NAI Booksellers and Architectura & Natura (ISBN: 9081513214 ).

Single copies can also be picked up at the office of NEXT architects in Amsterdam (€45,- each), but give us a call first so we know you\'re coming. NEXT is unable to send single copies of the game by mail.


Companies and individuals seeking for 5 games or more can order directly at NEXT architects: info@nextarchitects.com for the price of €40,-* per game.

* €40,- excl. porto; games can also be collected at the office of NEXT - Paul van Vlissingenstraat 2-a Amsterdam.

For more information on the game, or conditions on ordering via NEXT, go to the Game Page or email info@nextarchitects.com.



De Groene Kamer: two first prizes!

With first prizes in the categories Blok and Haak, a second prize for the Solitaire and a third prize for the Campus typology, the team of NEXT, B+B, Brink Groep and Mobius consult made a successful entry in the restricted competition for De Groene Kamer, a 30 hectare mix of eco-retail, ‘edutainment’, leisure program and nature just outside the city boundaries of Tilburg.

The proposals by the NEXT team present a conscientious refinement, from the big gesture down to the minutest details, according to the jury, chaired by Ton Venhoeven.

Realization of the project, based on a masterplan by .Fabric and Lola landscapes, is scheduled to start in 2013.

→ view project