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BNA Research goes international: Freestyle Seoulutions now available in English

In this Freestule-publication Bart Reuser shares his fascination for the endless tranfsformation in Hongdae, Seoul.

Reuser: "To visit Hongdae is great, but to come back is even better. Only the person who comes back to Hongdae sees the speed in which this district transforms and is witness of the special relation it has with something as intangible as time. That became my fascination. Not the city itself, but the changes it goes through."

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NEXT wins international competition pedestrian bridge, Changsha Meixi Lake

NEXT architects is awarded a first prize in an international competition in Meixi Lake besides Changsha capital of Hunan province in China. NEXT designed a bridge that is more than just a connection.  The pedestrian bridge is one of the key projects within the Dragon King Harbor River development part of the vast development of the new lake district. Construction is scheduled for 2014.


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XS Architecture Market at Cityscapes Gallery Amsterdam

This autumn Cityscapes Gallery launches XS ARCHITECTURE, a new platform for architecturally-related items – products that have clear architectural features but steer away from the traditional notion that ‘architects only design buildings’.

XS ARCHITECTURE kicks off with XS ARCHITECTURE MARKET – an event which will represent and sell products, objects and prototypes designed by architects or artists and designers that demonstrate a clear link to the world of architecture. www.cityscapesgallery.nl

NEXT will present The Modern Architecture Game, now back with a second edition, and Slow Glow, a lamp designed for the Droog presentation ‘Go Slow’ during the Salone del Mobile Milano 2004.

→ XS ARCHITECTURE MARKET at GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8, Amsterdam, 30 August – 1 September 2013



Reactivate! Innovators of Dutch Architecture

A book, an exhibition and a debate: the youngest generation of architects doesn’t speak of Schedule of Requirements, Final Design and technical drawings anymore, but today’s practice is characterized by social engineering, performative urban planning & open plan process, new craft & technology, sustainability & ecology, re-upcycle of materials, alternative earnings models, creative commons and transition as a fact. Each one an example of new collaboration structures, new instruments for financing constructions, product development for self-builders, connected energy, flow of materials and social innovation, whether or not in empty buildings or sites. The presented palette of design attitudes implies that a new landscape has developed; not an unambiguous sloping landscape, but a fragmented kaleidoscopic image.

→ Publication Reactivate! is written by Indira van ‘t Klooster and published by Trancity.

→ Exhibition/manifestation Radical Locality at Bureau Europa, Timmerfabriek, Boschstraat 9, 6211 AS Maastricht june 8 – august 5 2013

→ Bookpresentation and debate at Pakhuis de Zwijger Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam Monday may 27 the, 17:30 – 22:00 hrs.


Modern Architecture Game available again

After the succes of the first edition of The Modern Architecture, we are now back with a second edition. Test your knowledge by answering over a 1000 questions on architecture. Put on Le Corbusiers glasses or move around the board with your own Iconic Building. The game is now available in bookstores around the world. Improved glasses and building pins included!

For more information on how to order, please contact info@nextarchitects.com



Start construction \'Ruimte voor de Waal\' Nijmegen

In the coming years Nijmegen will undergo a tremendous change. Today the Minister of Transport gave the ceremonial start for the construction of the project Ruimte voor de Waal. To benefit the river Waal, the dike will be shifted towards Lent and the floodplains will be excavated to reduce the water level at high tide. As part of i-Lent, NEXT architects is working on the design of the Citadelbridge, situated the river park in the floodplains.

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GELINKT. De collectie netwerkt / LINKED.The Collection is Networking at the DESIGN museum GENT, Belg

For this exhibition, Lieven Daenens, honorary director of the Design museum Gent, made a personal selection of highlights which the museum acquired under his management. 

These favourite top pieces will not be simply exhibited, but will be given a central place in an inspiring new network of related objects. Each selected piece will be the centre of a little group. The objects in every group will be linked through either free or strict, serious or playful associations, based on formal, functional, material, conceptual, historical or other criteria. These new connections and associations will ensure that the visitor discovers hidden relationships and that common sources of inspiration light up.

→ until March 2th 2014

Watch the video of the exhibition and interview with LIeven Daenens on Belgian television here -->

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The Impossible Stair - Officially Open


NEXT + Uytenhaak to design bridge and school in Utrecht

NEXT architects and Rudy Uytenhaak have been selected as the winning team for a bicycle bridge and Montesorri school in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Also part of the team are Arup, Bureau B + B and Vitruvius construction cost advice.

A slender suspension bridge in combination with a thoughtful integration of school and landing in the \'Victor Hugoplatsoen\'were decisive in the decision for this European tender. The bridge crosses the Amsterdam-Rijn Canal and gives cyclists a quick route from Leidsche Rijn via the centre of Utrecht towards the Green Heart. The construction of the bridge means the reconstruction of a gym and two primary schools, of which one will be integrated in the landing of the bridge. The team will translate their sketch into a preliminary design after the summer. 




Presentation yearbook: Architecture in the Netherlands 2012/2013

For 25 years the Architecture in the Netherlands yearbook has been the international showcase for Dutch architecture. The editorial team, consisting of Tom Avermaete (associate professor of architecture, Delft University of Technology), Hans van der Heijden (architect, co-founder of biq architecten), Edwin Oostmeijer (freelance project developer) and Linda Vlassenrood (curator, architecture critic and programme director of the International New Town Institute) selected the 30 most noteworthy projects completed in the past year and describe the most significant developments and trends influencing the production and design of Dutch architecture. We are very proud that our project Hestia Daycare is included in this year’s edition, which will be presented at the newly opened Rijksmuseum at Monday the 22nd of April with an introduction by Antonio Cruz.  The book can be ordered at www.naibooksellers.nl

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Renovating Uilenstede

The Uilenstede Campus, owned by student housing corporation DUWO, will undergo a large-scale renovation that aims to give the area the atmosphere of a modern campus.  NEXT is currently developing a coherent concept for ca. 8.000 sqm. future student services including commercial spaces, bars, restaurants and a supermarket. The existing conditions will undergo significant improvements that include the creation of new student accommodations, amenities and public spaces.

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Designboom TOP 10 public spaces 2012

The Melkwegbridgehas reached the 2nd position in the 2012 Designboom Top 10 for the best public spaces.

‘It can be said that the majority of projects built around the world exist for a private owner or cause, and although all projects must certainly have financial backing by some source, the public spaces created for general use sometimes exhibit radical ideas and transform infrastructures. Public architecture has the unique position - and almost necessity - to be inherently entwined within its context and impact a larger population usually performing perfunctory daily tasks, such as walking to the store or relaxing at a park. At times they are constructed to provide a new activity, other times only to enhance an existing one, and then there are cases where public space can offer a new perspective or simply a fun place
to be. We take a look at the public projects built in 2012: accessible to everyone, often times the subject of criticism, but nevertheless impact the community as a whole.’

→ Read more on Designboom

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Luminous textile Caterpillar lights up new TextielLab exhibition

Highlights Textiellab

Studio Samira Boon and NEXT Architects created a foldable structure to transform the imposing Concert Hall in Tilburg into an intimate space during smaller events. Rob van Steen, director of Theaters Tilburg, saw a long-cherished dream come true. The TextielLab at the TextielMuseum was closely involved in the project, from the selection procedure through to the development. The new exhibition Highlights TextielLab: Glowing Caterpillar traces the process from design to final result.

→ from 14 november 2013 untill 13 april 2014

→ www.textiellab.nl

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Dutch National Architecture Tournament 2013

Do you want to be the winner of the ‘Dutch National Architecture Tournament 2013’?

Then come and play!

The National Architecture Tournament 2013 will be held in the coming weeks leading up to the grand finale on the 9th of November at The New Institute

→ more info here: NEXT game


Sense of Place, one of NEXT\'s earliest projects, has been included in the digital database of AIR foundation and Stadsontwikkeling Rotterdam, about urban development plans on the city of Rotterdam. The website provides an extensive overview of the urban developments and visionary plans made for the city of Rotterdam.

→ View Sense of Place on airfoundation.nl

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Honourable Mention BNA Building of the Year Award 2013

The Melkwegbridge has received an honorable mention during the BNA Building of the Year awards. The jury praises the bridge for being more than just a crossing, but a destination in itself.

\"The bridge is an iconic mark between old and new. This can only be understood when you stand on top of the highest point. The long lines direct your look onto the old town of Purmerend and, on the other side, the new district vinex Weidevenne.\"

\"Separately, the bridges have little meaning, but together they form a nice duo. The duo gets cohesion through its materialization. The bridges are tough, basic and well detailed. The whole is correct on all sides, exciting and challenging, and enriches Purmerend with a spectacular landmark.

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Hestia in De Architect

A 5 pages spread of Hestia Daycare centre is included in the January issue of De Architect. You can read about Hestia on their website, of go to NEXT on stage in the left browser.

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Townhall Bloemendaal | Final Design 2.0

After the approval of the final design 1.0, for the Townhall Bloemendaal in July this year, the team of NEXT and Uytenhaak was commissioned to re-design their proposal. The redesign consists of a partial demolishment of the exiting building in order to achieve a more compact and sustainable building.


In the Final Design 2.0 the front house and front façade have been maintained and extended with a rational and compact building structure, that meets the characteristics of the existing building mass. A glazed intermediary zone divides the existing front part with the new backside and acts as an open and transparent entry for the  new Townhall. The project is awaiting a final decision of the city council in January 2013, after which construction is expected to start halfway 2013.

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