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Opening Busstation

Opening of the busstation at Tramplein, part of Masterplan including the Melkwegbrug and Avia gas station.

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NEXT recruited to design for A'DAM Tower

The former Shell Tower in Amsterdam North at the IJ-canal opposite the Central Station, will be transformed from a mono functional office into a vertical city - the A'DAM Tower.

After 40 years of isolation, Club Air, ID&T, Massive Music and Lingotto real Estate, want to open this unique site to the public. In the center of the tower there will be three floors of office space and studios for music and creative companies with communal areas and meeting rooms. NEXT is recruited by Lingotto for the interior design.




Interior Holland Boulevard Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


The Holland Boulevard is a lounge area at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Currently it is being reorganized, including the interior. The highlight of the Boulevard will be the Rijksmuseum, for which NEXT designed multi-layered glass walls.


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new facade for cultural centre and realisation of new public space

The cultural centre 'Griffioen' at Campus Uilenstede is given a second facade: Resysta lamella. The centre is situated at one of three main entrances of the central square of the campus.

The 'Kas', events/ public space, is starting to highlight one of the other main entrances of the square.


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HESTIA nominated for Arie Keppler Prize 2014

The spatial concept of Hestia daycare centre in Amsterdam, following the philosophy of Regio Emilia containing explicit statements on architecture, is nominated for the Arie Keppler Prize 2014. Hestia is designed with Bureau Claudia Linders, 

WZNH, advisors spatial quality North Holland, awarded this year for the seventh time, the North Holland prize for spatial quality. The Arie Keppler Price stimulates public interest in spatial developments and promotes the quality in design and the built environment policy.

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Dragon King Kong Bridge assemblage

The Dragon King Kong Bridge in Changsha, Meixi Lake, a winning design by NEXT, is being assembled. NEXT Beijing and NEXT Amsterdam designed the bridge together and won the competition november 2013.

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2 NOMINATIONS National Steel Prize 2014

The National Steel Prize is a biannual award that recognizes the inspiring use of steel in projects completed in the last two years. 

The jury nominates projects in 5 categories. Two projects by NEXT were nominated for the prize.

The Melkwegbrug by NEXT is nominated in the category Infrastructure. The Elastic Perspective is nominated in the category Characteristic Steel Structures.

The winner of the National Steel Prize 2014 will be announced in october.

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Outlines of new Public Centre slowly visible

The outlines of the new public centre, where the basement of the Townhall Bloemendaal used to be, are slowly becoming visible. The prefab elements are now being installed.

You can view more images of the construction process here -->

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NEXT selected for Phase II DC Bridge Park 11 St. Bridge Park Design Competition

Transforming an old freeway bridge into new civic space advanced with the selection of six design teams from some of the most innovative and respected firms across the country as first phase finalists in a nationwide competition for the 11th Street Bridge Park.

The Bridge Park’s Jury of national experts chose the six teams – made up of landscape architects and architects – from more than 40 teams and 80 firms representing some of the most talented designers in the country that responded to an open call for submissions.

The following teams have been invited to form interdisciplinary teams for interviews with the Jury:

Balmori Associates / Cooper, Robertson & Partners

Piet Oudolf with Glenn LaRue Smith/PUSH Studio / WXY architecture + urban design


Stoss Landscape Urbanism / Höweler + Yoon Architecture 

Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT) / NEXT Architects

Workshop: Ken Smith Landscape / Davis Brody Bond


construction started

Main contractor JP van Eesteren started the demolition works on the old building to create space for the new municipal house for Bloemendaal. Only the front facade and its characteristic front house will be maintained.

Keep track on the construction process on the special website dedicated to the new municipal house -->

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Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture Hong Kong

Our exhibition "The Transforming City" shows 3 neighborhoods in Taiwan, Shanghai and Seoul that are very different but have at least one thing in common: Continuous Transformation. With this theme we respond to the question of the curator for current interpretations of " the ideal city". With this exhibition we state that the ideal city is already there but can never be identified by its appearance, only by its changes. It is any city that is able to transform to the fast changes of society. 

Transforming City is a collaborative project with  Boundary Unlimited, Studio G (Shanghai) and KU+ and will be  on show in the Kwun Ton Ferry Terminal untill the end of Februari.







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Outlines of Citadelbridge visible

The first girders of the Citadelbridge are mounted.  The bridge, as part of the 'Room for the Waal River' national program,  is  to be realised autumn 2015.

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2nd phase - poles in place


last piece of the jigsaw puzzle

The construction of the Dragon King Kong Bridge in Changsha, Meixi Lake, is going strong. The last part of the main construction is put in place; the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

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National Steel Prize 2014 for Elastic Perspective

Today the jury of the National Steel Prize announced its winners: The Elastic Perspective won in the category Characteristic Building Components.

Another design by NEXT was nominated: The Melkweg bridge in Purmerend, category infrastructure.

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Final Design concepts 11th Street Park Bridge Presented

The final design concepts for the 11th Street Bridge Park are announced!

NEXT, together with Wallace Roberts & Todd and Magnusson Klemencic Associates, are proud to be part of the four selected design teams to create an iconic new civic space over the Anacostia River, Washington, D.C.

Over the next month the four design concepts will be exhibited at THEARC Gallery (from september 14) and the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum in Washington, D.C. (from september 24).

-->The Washington Post review: Four bold visions

→ read about the competition and exhibition here




Melkwegbridge Iconic Awards 2014 Architecture Winner

The Melkwegbridge was selected as winner of this year’s Iconic Awards.

The Iconic Awards is a cross-disciplinary architectural competition organized and hosted by the German Design Council. The competition took place for the second time this year and honored a total of 48 submissions from numerous high-quality entries.

→ See the online gallery here 

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WRT Design & NEXT architects joint team present their ideas for DCBridgePark

Meet the designers of WRT and NEXT and watch them present their ideas for the 11th Street Bridge Park competition in Washington

--> more info about the competition

--> WRT - NEXT presentation

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The NEXT Big Thing: the beauty of bridges


'Bold new designs can transform previously bland bridges into new incredible landmarks'

according to The Telegraph the Dragon King Harbor Bridge can do the same for Changsha, China.

read the articles on the beauty of bridges and The NEXT big thing for Changsha


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TV programme KUNSTUUR showed a video about NEXT in the item Dutch Profile.

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Volume The Shape of Law

Seoul Rules

an abridged version of the research project 'Seoulutions for Dutch Cities by Bart Reuser published in VOLUME nr. 38 an issue about avoiding, subverting or changing the rules and regulations in architecture and urban design.

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On schedule...


a new roof over HDM

With the installment of the roof, the HDM is close to realisation. This happens just before the indoor and outdoor sports activities are about to start at the new sports and health centre.


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construction of interior

The highest point is reached. The old facade and new annex are connected. Now working hard towards completion of the interior.

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Skilful work with weathering steel gets NEXT shortlisted for the WAN Metal in Architecture Award

Based on the creative and effective way of addressing the clients brief and for showing a clear understanding of the physical tensile properties of the steel being used as structure, the WAN jury shortlisted the project Elastic Perspective for the WAN Metal in Architecture Award.

→ read the shortlist editorial here

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a mile stone for the municipality

The highest point of the new townhall in Bloemendaal is reached. Reason to raise the flag!


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John van de Water about linking cultures and ambitions

At Cinnovation week 2014 in Beijing, China, NEXT founder and partner, running the Beijing office, John van de Water talks about a boys dream come true and understanding the meaning of a mouse eating gold. 

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First prefab elements of pillars Citadelbridge placed

The first prefab concrete elements of the pillars are placed at the riverbank. Completion of the bridge is scheduled for september 2015.

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11th street bridge Finalist!

Four Finalists Will Develop Designs for 11th Street Bridge Park

Winnowed from a field of 41 teams, four will proceed with design development after interviews with the competition jury.


read full article in Architect -->

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Textile and Architecture

CAST (centre for architecture and urban planning in Tilburg) has organised a lecture about Textile and Architecture in the Textile Museum in Tilburg.

Samira Boon, Bart Reuser and Hebe Verstappen will talk about their collaboration and the creation of The Glowing Caterpillar, an object in which architecture meets art meets textile.  

Visitors of the lecture are invited to see the exhibition 'Highlights Textile Lab: Glowing Caterpillar' that shows the path from design to object.

→ thursday 6 march, Textile Museum Tilburg

→ click here to reserve a seat for the lecture and read more about the exhibition

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14 januari Lezing De Brakke Grond - Verweggistan - KCAP, UNStudio, NEXT

Drie bureau's presenteren hun werk ver van huis aan het Amsterdamse Publiek.

Arcam organiseert i.s.m. De Brakke Grond de lezing 'Verwegisstan' waarbij drie bureau's hun werk in het buitenland toelichten. 

Bart Reuser zal NEXT vertegenwoordigen en o.a. vertellen over zijn onderzoeksproject in Hondae, Seoul en de projecten van NEXT in China.

→ Dinsdag 14 januari

Locatie: De Brakke Grond

Aanvang: 20.15

Toegang: €10,00, studenten €7,50 Kaarten verkrijgbaar via Arcam en aan de deur.