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Exhibition: Speed Up / Slow Down

How will Amsterdam develop over the next years, and what is possible when we look for common solutions? 

The Architecture Centre Amsterdam (ARCAM) exhibits the results of the design studios held over the last year and that investigated the challenges, limitations and possibilities of six hotspots in Amsterdam.

Marijn Schenk led one of the design studios on Amsterdam Sloterdijk. "Speed Up / Slow Down: Redesigning Amsterdam" is on view from 15 December 2017 till 18 February 2018. The exhibition is accompanied by the launch of a digital publication that explains the process and results in detail.

→ website ARCAM


Amstelveen Architecture Prize

The renovation of Campus Uilenstede wins the second prize for the Amstelveen Architecture Prize 2017

The jury speaks about the "surgical precision with which a number of intervention are done to give a new beating heart to the campus." NEXT architects designed the renovation in commission of Lingotto and DUWO.

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Bicycle Architecture Biennale at CIRCL

"How bicycle architecture improves our urban environment."

From 13 to 30 november, the world’s first Bicycle Architecture Biennale is a showcase of outstanding built environment solutions around cycling. On 22nd November Marijn Schenk will present the design for the Dafne Schippers bridge and talk with the audience about his vision on the role of the bicycle in cities and in architecture.

Other presenters include StudioSK, KuiperCompagnons and the new Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam Katelijne Boerma.

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Smart Workspace Design Summit

On Friday 13th October, Marijn Schenk discusses the co-working phenomenon during the Smart Workspace Design Summit.

The other participants to the panel discussion are Bas Van Veggel (B.Amsterdam) en Wybo Wijnbergen (WeWork). The SWDS is a two-day experience-based event to rethink the future of workspaces. The event took place on 12 and 13 October in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

→ SWDS website
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Opening Poelzone on 7 October

NEXT's bat-friendly Vlotwatering bridge marks the entrance of the Poelzone, which is being officially inaugurated on Saturday 7 October.

After the official opening, visitors can walk, bike or sail through the Poelzone. There is also a photography exhibition showing the development of the Poelzone over the last years.

The Poelzone is a new recreational and ecological zone and is designed by LOLA Landscape Architects

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Exhibition 'AT HOME'

Villa Overgooi is on view at the C-mine Cultural Centre in Genk (BE) as part of the travelling exhibition 'AT HOME / Building and Living in Communities'

AT HOME gathers 20 international projects that show us how collective building and living can lead to an innovative solution for more compact and affordable housing. The exhibition was originally created by the Deutsche Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt-am-Main and runs from 10 September until 20 October 2017.

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Conference Footbridge 2017 Berlin

Michel Schreinemachers is speaking during the the 6th International Footbridge Conference in Berlin from 6-8 September 2017. 

Over the last years NEXT developed a portfolio of unique bridges that make a strong connection with their sociocultural context. The conference paper will focus on two award-winning examples: the Zaligebrug in Nijmegen, NL, and the Vlotwateringbridge in Monster, NL. 

→ conference website
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Opening bicycle bridges De Centrale As

Friday 7 July at 14:10 the bat-friendly bicycle bridges Heidstreek and Westersingel are officially opening.

These special bicycle bridges also function as hop-overs for bats. The bridges are unique fauna passages that have not been carried out in such a thoughtful and accurate way anywhere in the world before. Deputy Johannes Kramer, together with Bertus Mulder, Chairman of the Area Development Commission, will formally open the bicycle bridges.

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Award ceremony NRP Gulden Feniks

B.Amsterdam is one of the nominated projects for the NRP Gulden Feniks, which is going to be awarded tonight in Maarssen.

The project by NEXT architects i.c.w. B.Amsterdam, Studio Fabrick, Skepp en Luuk van den Broek, has been nominated in the category Transformation. Winners will be announced during the ceremony on Wednesday 5 July, at 16:30 in DeFabrique, Maarssen. 

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Exhibition in Paris

The Lucky Knot and Dafne Schippers bridge are exhibited at the Archipel Centre De Culture Urbaine in Paris.

Both project are included in the exhibition 'La ville en marchant', that opened on 19 June 2017. The exhibition presents inspiring urban interventions for pedestrians from around the world. 'La ville en marchant' is on view from 20 June - 24 September 2017.

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First Bicycle Architecture Biennale in Amsterdam

This unique biënnale showcases the work of 14 international designers, including the De Dafne Schippers bridge by NEXT architects and Rudy Uytenhaak + Partners Architects. 

The event celebrates the cutting edge and high profile building designs that are facilitating bicycle travel, storage and safety around the world.

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale is organized by cycling innovation agency CycleSpace and takes place on Wednesday 14 June. 

→ biennial website
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Karin Laglas (Ymere): Government, take back control of housing

Bart Reuser interviewed Karin Laglas (Ymere) about urban development. The interview was published on Stadszaken.

In the coming years, a lot must be build to be able to meet the growing demand for housing, but who is taking control? Bart Reuser of NEXT architects is asking this question to prominent people in the housing sector. This week: Karin Laglas, Director of Ymere.

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Villa Overgooi in Hannover

A model of Villa Overgooi is on view at the exhibition DAHEIM, opening today at the Architektenkammer Niedersachsen, Hannover, Germany.

'DAHEIM - Bauen und Wohnen in Gesellschaft' is the first exhibition entirely devoted to community building and living. Villa Overgooi is a villa-like residential building that was tailor-made for 5 private clients. The exhibition is on view from 11 May till 2 August 2017.

→ exhibition website
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Workshop in Sicily

This week, Marijn Schenk and Bart Reuser are conducting a 3-day workshop in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily.

NEXT will be present with LOLA Landscape Architecture. Aim of the workshop is to reflect on the cultural, spatial and infrastructural context of the city. The project is initiated by AutonomeForme Architettura and is supported by the European Commission. 


Preview Rijksmuseum at Shiphol

With a delegation from Schiphol, Rijksmuseum, ING we had a look at the ongoing construction works at the Rijksmuseum's new glass pavillion, designed by NEXT at Schiphol Airport.

The pavillion is part of the broader design for Holland Boulevard at Schiphol Airport, and offers visitors a unique, cultural experience of the Netherlands. The entire Holland Boulevard area, including the Rijksmuseum, is expected to open later this year.

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Sneak Preview Dafne Schippers Bridge

A delegation from the City of Amsterdam had an look at the newest bridge in Utrecht before it opens on 3 april.

The Dafne Schippers Bridge is unique in combining a cyclist and pedestrians bridge, a school and a park into one cohesive design. The sneak preview on 23 March was organised by NEXT architects, in collaboration with Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau, Bureau B+B and Arup. 

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Project of the day: B.Amsterdam

Architecture magazine De Architect featured B.Amsterdam as the Project of the Day.

B.Amsterdam is a new working space concept in the former IMB headquarters building in the Rieker Business Park in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West district.

→ website De Architect
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NEXT Beijing is looking for architects and researchers

NEXT architects Beijing has positions available for Architects on all levels (senior, mid-level, junior and interns).

The position is based in our Beijing office.

→ read more


Lighting Design in the dark

NEXT architects and Arup’s light plan for De Centrale As connects road and landscape.

How to light a road that has been so carefully integrated into the national landscape of the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden? According to NEXT and Arup, the best way to do this is to cherish the darkness. The lighting design for De Centrale As brings architecture, nature, landscape and culture together to strengthen the experience and identity of the road. 

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Revisiting Cities

Bart Reuser's study Seoulutions has been reprinted in "Revisiting Cities."

The book series "Revisting Cities" is part of the research project "Boundary Unlimited" by Tsaiher Cheng and explores urban renewal methodologies employed in Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai. What have the urban renewal experiences in these three cities taught us? What practicable planning methodologies may be developed with such experiences? 

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Interview on urban development

Today Stadszaken published the interview between Bart Reuser and Wienke Bodewes, director of real estate developer Amvest.

The interview is part of a series of talks between Reuser and some of the key figures in the housing debate in the Netherlands i.c.w. Stadszaken and Pakhuis de Zwijger: "Who takes control?" 

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World Architecture Festival

In Berlin Michel Schreinemachers and Bart Reuser present the Lucky Knot to the international jury of the WAF awards 2017.

The awards are part of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), that is being held in Berlin from 15-17 November 2017. The Lucky Knot is nominated in the category 'Transport'. 

→ website WAF
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Publication Rotthier Prize

The publication was presented during the award ceremony in Brussels. 

The Zalige bridge by NEXT architects was among the nominated projects. The 2017 European Prtize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier rewards architecture, urban projects, and developments closely linked to water and its uses. 

→ more info
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Renovation Amsterdam Museum

NEXT teams up with AL_A and 1meter98 to research the possibilities for the renovation of the Amsterdam Museum.

The historic building on the Kalverstraat has to become an inspiring, innovative and accessible museum. Besides the team NEXT / AL_A / 1meter98, the Museum and the City of Amsterdam selected other 4 architects. Next year they will announce if it is feasible to renovate the museum. 

→ more info


Architecture Biennale in Buenos Aires

Marijn Schenk has been invited to speak about one of the strenghts of Dutch design during the 16th Buenos Aires International Biennial of Architecture: infrastructure and mobility.

Schenk's lecture "Connected: Architecture of Mobility" on 9 October opens the Conferencias Magistrales programme, a 5-day symposium that forms the heart of the biennial.

The lecture is being supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Buenos Aires.


→ website biennalë


Opening Holland Boulevard & Rijksmuseum Schiphol

On Thursday 7 September the new Holland Boulevard and Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport opens officially.

With this international departure hall, NEXT architects designed a unique area bringing together commerce, art and culture. “The Holland Boulevard becomes a calling card for the kinds of things that the Dutch can be proud of” says Bart Reuser, partner NEXT architects.

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European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier

The Zaligebrug in Nijmegen is nominated for the European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier

This triennial prize rewards works of collective and cultural value. The prize's theme for 2017 is water. The nominated projects will be featured in a special exhibition taking place at the CIVA Foundation in Brussels in October - November 2017.

→ more info
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WAF awards shortlist

The Lucky Knot has been shortlisted for the WAF awards in the category Transport.

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is the world's largest international architectural awards programme and festival. Major world architects shortlisted include Zaha Hadid Architects, BIG, Neri & Hu, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, AL_A and many others. Winners will be announced during the festival in Berlin, 15-17 November.

→ more info
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Debate: Opportunities for Sloterdijk

The debate will take place on Thursday July 4th at 20:00 h and is the final presentation of the design studio 'Accelerates Delay' at the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture.

Marijn Schenk (NEXT architects) is leading the multidisciplinary design studio consisting of:
Experts: Harry Reijnders (architect), City of Amsterdam. 
Participants: Wouter Valkenier (Studio Valkenier), Joep Mollink (MOPET architecten), Benthem Crouwel Architects, Erik Havermans (Eigen Haard), Peter Sagius (OVG Real Estate), Jurgen Krabbenborg (Gemeente Amsterdam) en Marjolein Peters (Gemeente Amsterdam)

→ more info and programme debate


Bicycle Architecture Biennale

Yesterday evening the first Bicycle Architecture Biennale opened at the Zuiveringshal in Amsterdam's Westerpark. The exhibition includes the Dafne Schippersbrug van NEXT architects en Rudy Uytenhaak + Partners Architects.

The event was open to delegates attending the international Velo-City conference and saw speeches by alderman Geert Ritsema (City of Nijmegen) and Pieter Litjens (City of Amsterdam), three 'bicycle mayors' and CycleSpace's founder Lee Feldman. The show will go on public display, details of which will be announced on the biennial website.

→ biennial website 
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International symposium Habitecture in Germany

Next week, Michel Schreinemachers will give a lecture about NEXT's approach to bridges as socio-cultural structures within the broader ecological context.

The presentation focuses on two projects by NEXT: the Vlotwatering bridge and De Centrale As. The international, interdisciplinary symposium “Habitecture - Architecture for wildlife” brings together architects and natural scientists to discuss future-oriented biodiversity-enhancing projects and construction methods. The symposium takes place on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th of June at the Technische Universität Braunschweig.

→ More info
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AetA Leliman debate 2017 with Marijn Schenk

On Wednesday 24 May, Marijn Schenk discusses Architecture as connection with Boris Zeisser, from Natrufied Architecture. The evening is organised by Architectura et Amicitia.

This evening is part of a series of four conversations in 2017 about Architecture and Society. Central themes that will be addressed include: art, craftmanship, society and vitality.

→ More info and programme


B.Amsterdam nominated for the NRP Gulden Feniks

The project by NEXT architects i.c.w. B.Amsterdam, Studio Fabrick, Skepp en Luuk van den Broek is nominated for the category Transformation.

NRP Gulden Feniks is the prize to promote and inspire a sustainable use of the existing build environment. This year the jury received 81 entries and selected 11 projects in 3 categories. The winners will be announced on 5 July.

→ more info
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International coverage for Dafne Schippers bridge

"An air photograph of the Dafne Schippers bridge is going viral"

wrote the Dutch newspaper AD earlier this week after the bridge was praised in notable international magazines and blogs, including: DesignboomDezeen en Furbiz.

→ view project


Presentation about Urban Development at Pakhuis de Zwijger

On 5 April, Bart Reuser participated to the debate about Urban Development at Pakhuis de Zwijger. 

In the Netherlands we are facing a major issue when it comes to housing and Urban Development. By 2050, 700.000 new homes should be built. Urban development calls for a strong cooperation between parties, an integral approach and a strong vision. But who is taking the responsibility?

→ Watch debate online
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Nomination Roof of the year 2016

The nominated project is the public elemantary school Oog in Al, by NEXT architects with Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau and B+B Urbanism and Landscape Architecture. 

In the city of Utrecht, the unique design combines the roof of the school with the Dafne Schippersbridge, thereby becoming part of the bicycle route connecting the city centre with the new neighbourhood Leisdche Rijn. The winning project will be anounced during the award ceremony on 24 March.

→ read more about the awards
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Almost ready: the Dafne Schippers bridge

Utrecht's newest cyclist route leads you over the roof of the ementary school Oog in Al. 

The Dafne Schippersbridge is about to open next month and will connect the neighbourhood of Leidsche Rijn to the centre of Utrecht.

→ view project


NEXT's hotspots in Beijing

De Volkskrant interviewed John van de Water, NEXT atchitects partner Beijing for the travel special in VK Magazine, 21 januari.

Hotspots include the Rose Museum, designed by NEXT. This is the first museum entirely dedicated to roses and opened to the public last May 2016.

→ view project


Office Wheel wins SKEPPpitch 2017!

NEXT architects wins the SKEPPpitch for the most innovative office concept and will be realised in collaboration with DITT (formerly SKEPP).

The SKEPPpitch took place on 12 January 2017 at WTC Amsterdam. The design was a response to the question to realise an office no larger than 12 m2. NEXT's Office Wheel is a multi-purpose, mobile office on 3,14 m2. 

→ read more about the SKEPPpitch
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NEXT's Lucky Knot has been published in the magazine Wired

"The Lucky Knot is more than a utilitarian pathway: it connects people, places, needs, and experiences" - wrote Wired about the Dutch-Chinese bridge.

→ Read article
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Yearbook Landscape Architecture 2017

De Centrale As has been included in the Yearbook Landscape Architecture and Urban Design in the Netherlands 2017. 

The new provincial road designed by NEXT and H+N+S Landscape Architects is one of the 19 selected projects out of the 130 entries. The project is included as an example of "undisputed craftmanship." The selection committee writes how: "The characteristic bocage landscape of wooded banks and tree belts has been restored and the design of the engineering structures is excuisite and consistent. If only every road were designed with such care."

→ yearbook 2017
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Concrete Prize 2017

The Dafne Schippers bridge received an honourable mention by the jury of the Concrete Prize 2017.

It happened during the Construction Prize Dinner on 15 November 2017. The Dafne Schippers bridge is a project by NEXT and Rudy Uytenhaak + Partners Architects i.c.w. Bureau B+B Urbanism and Landscape Architecture and Arup. Strabag and Züblin - Ippel Civiele Betonbouw were responsible for the bridge's construction in concrete.

→ website Construction Prize
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Dutch Design Week

Bart Reuser is one of the speakers at: "the relation between a graduation project and a career," a debate organised by Archiprix during the DDW.

The experience of former winners and the expectations of recently graduated Archiprix participants about the value of the graduation work for the career is discussed during the debate.

In 1999 Bart Reuser won the Archiprix together with Marijn Schenk with the project 'The Layered Land.'

→ website event 
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Award ceremony Philippe Rotthier

Saturday 14 October NEXT will be in Brussels for the Award Ceremony of the European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier, for which the Zalige bridge has been nominated.

The award ceremony also marks the opening of the exhibition “Eau – Architecture – Water," presenting the 21 nominated projectes. The exhibition runs from 14 October to 12 November at the CIVA Foundation in Brussels. 

→ more info
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Mark Magazine

The Dafne Schippers bridge is featured in the newest edition of MARK Magazine #70: Another Architecture (October-November 2017)

The Dafne Schippers bridge is a design by NEXT and rudy uytenhaak + partners architecten, i.c.w. Bureau B+B Urbanism and Landscape Architecture and Arup and integrates a bicycle and pedestrian bridge with an elementary school and a public park.

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MIMOA gids

On the occasion of the opening of Holland Boulevard and Rijksmuseum Schiphol, NEXT publishes an architecture guide i.c.w. MIMOA.

Taking the projects at Schiphol as the point of the departure, the guide leads you on an architectural journey along 15 projects designed by NEXT in the Amsterdam region. Including: B. Amsterdam, Campus Uilenstede in Amstelveen and the Melkweg bridge in Purmerend.

→ view and download guide
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Sloterdijk in stop-motion

Watch the results of the second design studio "Accelerate - Delay: Sloterdijk," that were presented on Thursday 4 July. 

De design studio was organised by the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture and led by Marijn Schenk with the aim of critically researching the city's accelerated development. The second design studio focused on Sloterdijk. 

→ Read more 

→ Watch stop-motion video


NRP Gulden Feniks: two prizes

NEXT architect was involved in two of the three projects that won the NRP Gulden Feniks 2017 yesterday. 

Nijmegen omarmt de Waal was the uncontested winner in the category Area Development. For this project, NEXT realised the poetic Zaligebrug. The ADAM tower in Amsterdam won the category Transformation. Here, NEXT designed the the work spaces of A'DAM works on the 8th and 9th floor.

→ more info
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Opening Nieuwendijk bridge

The Nieuwendijk bridge will be officially openend on Friday morning at 7:00h. 

The bridge will be opened by Bert Boerman, deputy of the province of Overijssel, Nelly Kalfs of the Ministry of Intrastructure and the Environment, and Gerrit-Jan Veldhoen, alderman of the municipality of Kampen.

The bridge over the Reevediep has a length of 360-meter and is the most important connection between Kamperveen, Noordeinde and the city of Kampen. The bridge is part of a large-scale infrastructure and water management project Ruimte voor de Rivier IJsseldelta. NEXT architects and H+N+S landscape architects developed a Spatial Quality Plan with the design and construction requirements for the artworks, bridges and floodgates. The project IJsseldelta is a commission of Rijkswaterstaat and the Dutch province of Overijssel.

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Placement lock gates in Kampen

This morning, the first gates of the recreational lock were placed in Kampen. The lock is part of the project Room for the River IJsseldelta.

NEXT and H+N+S landschape architects are closely involved in this large-scale infrastructure project that combines a technical assignment of water safety and management with the development of a new 350-hectares large delta area along the Reevediep with a recreational programme. The lock enables recreational boats to go between the IJssel and the Reevediep.

→ website Room for the River IJsseldelta
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Presentation: Landschapscafé Mobility with Allure

On 8 June, Michel Schreinemachers is invited to present NEXT's vision on infrastructure and environmental quality. 

The Landschapscafé Mobility with Allure is an initiative of the Province of Utrecht and focuses on infrastructure's environmental quality.

→ More info and programme
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NEXT shortlisted for AD100 top architects

NEXT architects is shortlisted for the AD100 2017 in China. The ceremony will take place in Shanghai on 23 June.

Every year AD100 awards the best in architecture and interior design, profiling the top talents and firms that create imaginative, intelligent, and inspiring architecture and design in China. 


Grand opening of the Dafne Schippersbridge

Saturday 13 May at 13:30 h the Dafne Schippersbridge will be officially opened.

The bridge will be opened by top athlete Dafne Schippers, together with alderman Lot van Hooijdonk and 18 children from the neighbourhoods of Oog in Al and Leidsche Rijn.

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Column on Urban Development

Bart Reuser's column, published by 'Stadszaken' and 'We Make the Netherlands' summarises the presentation about 'Housing and Urban Development' at Pakhuis De Zwijger on 5 April.

During the last Dutch election, remarkably little attention was given to the way we reside, work and live...

→ Read full column (in Dutch)
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Biking over the roof of a school

Unique combination of bridge and school opened on 3 april in Utrecht. 

The Dafne Schippersbridge is a winning design by NEXT architects and Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau in collaboration with Arup and Bureau B+B commissioned by the City of Utrecht. The bridge integrates a cycle and pedestrian bridge with a school and a public garden, forming one single cohesive design.

→ view project


Winner Dutch Construction Prize 2017

NEXT architects is part of the winning team for the Dutch Construction Prize 2017 with the project Ruimte voor de Waal

Within Ruimte voor de Waal, NEXT realised their poetic Zaligebrug, a bridge that plays upon people's experience of the river. Ruimte voor de Waal is a project commissioned by the municipality of Nijmegen i.c.w. Rijkswaterstaat, the province of Gelderland and the Dutch Water Authority Rivierenland.

→ more info about the prize 
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NEXT projects in Portugal

NEXT architects is working on a housing project in Cascais, Portugal

The proposal for the "Urbanistic Requalification of the Cascais Vila" that is being developed in collaboration with Fragmentos de Arquitectura, was presented this week at the Cascais Cultural Centre in Portugal.

→ read more


Bridges that connect in Het Financieele Dagblad

In a full-page article, Het Financieele Dagblad covers NEXT's unique bridges

"Eyecatchers connect citizens" is title of the article that was published last weekend after an interview conducted by Het Financieele Dagblad with Michael Schreinemachers.


Interview for Dutch Embassy in Beijing

The Netherlands Embassy in China publishes an interview with John van de Water, partner NEXT architects Beijing.

In the interview, John reflects on how the Netherlands and China can learn from and complement each other.

→ read full interview