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Den Helder City Hall

We are honoured to be selected as one of the architects in the renowned competition for the renovation of the new Den Helder city hall. In this competition we team up with restauration architect Verlaan & Bouwstra.

Five architectural offices have been asked to make a sketch design for building 66 and 72 at Willemsoord. According to the director of development agency Zeestad Ferdinand Vreugdenhil, they are all renowned architectural firms that have earned their spurs both in restauration and in building town halls. The winning design will be made public in February.

Next to NEXT/Verlaan & Bouwstra, the other architectural firms are: Office Winhov with Van Hoogevest Architects; Team V; Tony Fretton Architects with Geurst & Schulze architects and Diederendirrix Architecture & Urban Planning with Civic Architects.

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Official opening Maaspoints

From 5 November, people can experience the river on the newest viewpoint in Rotterdam: the Maaspoint "Water Woods."

Designed by NEXT architects and H+N+S Landscape Architects for VanOord, the new Maaspoint "Water Woods" is all about the connection between city and river and between people and nature.

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Interview Financial Times (FD)

Bart Reuser, curator of the Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB), talks with Dutch newspaper Het FD about the use of bicycles and how we can make better, more liveable cities.

In order to remain livable and to meet the climate requirements, Dutch cities stimulate cycling. Numerous new tunnels, bridges and bicycle paths are being built in the coming years. "We no longer want to make cities for cars," says Bart Reuser. "If you really want to have connected city districts, you have to make good connections for cyclists and pedestrians."

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Excursion to Paris

Today we asked a group of colleagues, clients and collaborators to join us for a special excursion to Paris where we are visiting some of the urban projects that inspire us.

20 years ago, NEXT architects was founded with a vision of the city as a place for connections and interaction. The idea that good architecture is based on a broad vision of urban developments and of the challenges we are facing. We do this together with numerous clients and collaborators.

In Paris we visited the de Résidence Ferdinand PouillonBoulogne Billancourt and Clichy Batignolles. Because of the density challenges in the Netherlnds, all these projects form a starting point to discuss how we can create cities in the Netherlands as well where sustainability and the quality of the public space are central.


Arch2O most amazing bridges

A growing number of countries like the Netherlands and Denmark are building inspiring “architecture for bikes”. Arch2O listed the 10 most amazing bridge and passageways for bikes.

Also the Melkwegbridge in Purmenrend couldn't miss from the list. The zig-zag bridge allows the passage of boats in the canal underneath by opening in the middle and folding to one side. There is also a 12-meter-high arch which offers a shortcut for pedestrians.

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Overgooi model is back home

Our model of Villa Overgooi is back in Amsterdam after a tour of 4 years through Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.⁠

Villa Overgooi was part of the travelling exhibition: AT HOME: BUILDING AND LIVING COMMUNITIES by the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt-am-Main⁠. As part of the exhibition, the Villa Overgooi model was shown in:⁠ ⁠

- Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt-am-Main
- ​vai Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, Dornbirn
- Architektenkammer Niedersachsen Hannover
- C-mine Cultuurcentrum Genk
- STAM - Stadsmuseum Gent
- ZB Planbureau en Bibliotheek van Zeeland

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Kansen boven het Spoor

What are the opportunities for building on top of Utrecht Central Station? And how do we get there?

In the coming months we will work on this assignment together with NS, ProRail, Municipality of Utrecht, Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, TRACK-landscapes, SITE urban development and Movares.

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Opening Bicycle Architecture Biennale

NEXT architects curated the Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB): an exhibition of outstanding projects that transform places through cycling. The biennale opens on Wednesday in Amsterdam before starting an international tour.

The BAB is an initiative of BYCS. A total of 15 projects from nine countries form the biennale. Projects were selected on their ability to demonstrate how design solutions can go beyond the functional, leading to healthier lifestyles, more inclusive communities, a cleaner environment or a more sustainable economy. We hope it will inspire new ways of thinking about how to create cities fit for the future. 

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PR & acquisition intern

We are currently looking for a PR & acquisition intern.

Read the full vacancy on Culturele Vacatures

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Jury Young Maaskant Prize

We congratulate architect Donna van Milligen Bielke for winning the Young Maaskant Prize 2019, the incentive prize for young architects.

The Rotterdam-Maaskant Prize for Young Architects is an incentive prize for architects under 36 years old and is awarded every two years on the recommendation of an independent jury. This year, the jury consisted of Teun van den Ende (Fresh Concrete), Paul Gerretsen (Association of the Delta Metropolis) and Marijn Schenk (NEXT Architects).

Donna van Milligen Bielke is the 18th prize winner. In November she will receive the prize from Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam and chairman of Foundation Rotterdam-Maaskant.

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Opening Reevediep

On 14 March, with the opening of the Scheeresluis lock gates, His Majesty the King officially opened the Room for the River project Reevediep near Kampen. 

This also marked the conclusion of the National Room for the River programme. Over the past years, this program succeeded in making the Dutch river landscape more safe and beautiful.

NEXT was closely involved in the realisation of Room for the River IJsseldelta within the consortium Isala Delta, with a.o. Boskalis and Van Hattum en Blankevoort. NEXT was also part of the spatial development team headed by H+N+S Landscape Architects.

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NEXT wins competition Oostenburg

NEXT wins the competition by Stadgenoot for the design an apartment tower for student social housing in Oostenburg Amsterdam! This was announced last Friday by the jury at ARCAM.

The jury was especially taken by the inventiveness of the floorplan, which maximises the apartments' qualities, including sunlight and view. The expressive collective terraces are strategically located on each two floors to strenghten community building and connections between the tenants.

We also congratulate the other winners of the competition: HOH Architecten​ and Urban Echoes​. The two young, talented offices will design the two adjacent housing blocks.

Over the coming years, Oostenburg will be developed into a new, robust city district with 1500 houses - a mix of social and private housing, café, shops and workspaces.

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Architecture in monochrome by Phaidon

The Lucky Knot pedestrian bridge in Changsha is included in the volume "Architecture in Monochrome" published by Phaidon

"From the earliest structures to today's contemporary creations, red has been one of the most traditional, and, at the same time, most cutting-edge, colors in the built world."

Just like the red, steel pedestrian bridge in the Chinese mega city Changsha. By explicitly engaging with the local context, the bridge designs offer new perspectives.


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Exhibition The Landscape as Cult

The Zalige bridge is part of the exhibition "Landscape as Cult. A Changing View on Our Nature," opening today at Bureau Europa Maastricht on 28 November.

The exhibition puts the people/landscape and culture/nature relationships into sharp focus. The stage for our actions us has always been the landscape around us, but have we almost outgrown this podium? ⁠The Zaligebridge was the winner of the Dutch Design Awards 2018. The international jury was impressed by the bridge's capacity to: "visualise both the impact of – and solutions to – rising water levels" (International Jury Dutch Design Awards)

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Keynote Australian Urban Design Awards

Honoured with Marijn Schenk's invitation to give the keynote presentation today at the Australian Urban Design Awards.

Marijn Schenk is speaking at the special ceremony organised by the Planning Institute of Australia, the Australian Institute of Architects and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. The Australian Urban Design Awards was established to recognize contemporary Australian urban design projects of the highest quality and to encourage cities, towns and communities across the country to strive for best practice in all projects. Marijn Schenk's presentation “Connected: Architecture of Mobility” speaks about architecture that connects, combines, collects, interacts and supports; architecture that is defined by what it does and not by what it is.

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Video series Maaspoints

Michel Schreinemachers was interviewd by Buro Rietveld to tell more about the first Maaspoint: Water Woods, its design and its importance for the city of Rotterdam.

The river Maas deeply rooted in the identity of Rotterdam and its inhabitants. Also called the "Maas city," the river is the most important connection between the ports and the sea. Yet there are almost no places where the inhabitants of Rotterdam can really come into contact with the river.

Together with Van Oord and H+N+S Landscape Architects, we worked on a unique lookout point to experience the relationship between river and city. The first Maaspoints is currently under construction. 

Watch the video series on the website:

→ www.maaspoints.nl
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Urbannext and BAB

This week the online architecture platform urbanNext is presenting a special selection of 9 innovative cycling infrastructure designs from the Bicycle Architecture Biennale.

The BAB is an initiative of BYCS and is a showcase of cutting edge designs that are facilitating bicycle travel and transforming communities around the world. The edition 2019/20 is curated by NEXT architects.

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Work in progress Hurdegaryp

Excited to see the Railway Underpass in Hurdegaryp taking shape.

The underpass is located in the same area as De Centrale As and its integrated design is in line with the project. The wall covering with tiles was specifically designed for this underpass and inspired by the work of landscape architect Gerrit Vlaskamp.

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Impressions from the mission in Boston

Inspiring days in Boston. Michel Schreinemachers is part of the three-day economic mission led by prime-minister Mark Rutte and special envoy Henk Ovink on resiliency and water management.

The programme included round tables, site visits and working sessions and will address (urban) resilience, water management, water technology and flood protection. On Friday the delegation is visiting the Little Mystic Channel and follow a special innovation work session on this area.


Economic Mission Boston

Can we learn from Boston when it comes to urban resilience and water technology? What are the market and partnership opportunities in the US?

Today Michel Schreinemachers is travelling to Boston, Massachusetts, for a three-day economic mission on resiliency and water management. The mission is accompanied by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Special Envoy Henk Ovink. 

The aim is to build and strengthen partnerships, to identify market opportunities, and to create new possibilities for cooperation based on a shared vision for the resilient future of our cities. Boston is the innovation centre on the east coast of the US with important knowledge and know-how on the themes of resiliency and climate adaptation. NEXT is interested in gaining new insights and inspiration from Boston and start a dialogue about these crucial challenges.

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BAB featured in the Guardian

"Build it and they will bike." Today The Guardian gave an exclusise preview of the 15 projects that have been selected for the Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB).

The BAB launches today in Amsterdam. It is an initiative of BYCS and is curated by NEXT architects to inspire new ways of thinking about cities fit for the future. 

Image: Ölhafen Bridge by Schneider+Schumacher (Raunheim, Germany)

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Join the NEXT team

We are currently looking for an ambitious assistant designer.

Read the full vacancy on Archined

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People Power Radio

Marieke van 't Hoff, talent & development expert at NEXT, is giving a special interview for radio People Power FM. In this podcast, Marieke talks about HR in relation to the most important trends in the architecture/creative sector

If people make the organization, then organizational development means human development. In a rapidly changing society, knowledge and skills are quickly outdated. How do you make sure you continue to develop people? What opportunities do new technologies offer in the field of learning? What is the real effect of this focus on learning?

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Interview Rai 1

What can we learn from Nijmegen? Last week Michel Schreinemachers (NEXT architects) and Pieter Schengenga (H+N+S Landscape Architects) spoke to the Italian television Rai 1.


The interview was part of LineaVerde, a series dedicated to italian cities and their route towards an eco friendly future, sometimes turning abroad for inspiration. In Nijmegen the series focuses on the Room for the Waal project and its poetic Zaligebridge. The project turned a water safety assignment into an opportunity to develop and strenghten the quality of the area around the river. 

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Our vision for Oostenburg

How do you make an inclusive city that creates spaces for interaction? On Thursday 28 February NEXT is presenting its vision for Oostenburg at Architecture Centre Amsterdam (ARCAM). 

Housing corporation Stadgenoot asked NEXT architects, along with two other experienced and 4 young talented architect offices, to make a bold and contemporary design for lot 6 at Oostenburg. On this lot, the housing corporation wants to build 150 rental apartments for young people, 30 for seniors, and a workspaces. We took Oostenburg's core values (island, tough, lively and rich in contrast) as the starting point. The resulting designs excel in robustness, innovation and sometimes even dare to experiment.

The designs of NEXT and the other six architects' offices can be seen from 5 March to 7 April 2019 in a mini-exhibition in Arcam.

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Presentation BAU München

On Saturday 18 january at 13:00 Marijn Schenk is giving a lecture at the BAU München as part of the AIT-Dialog programme.

With the presentation "Making City: Towards an Architecture that Connects," Marijn Schenk will contribute to the panel "Places of new learning." The BAU München is the leading trade fair for architecture, construction and materials. 

→ full programme

→ website BAU München


Opening Railway Underpass Hurdegaryp

The new Railway Underpass in Hurdegaryp openend on 5 November by placing the last tile with representatives of ProRail, the Province of Friesland, the municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel, Heijmans and local residents.

The project was realised i.c.w. Koninklijke Tichelaar H+N+S Landscape Architects and Heijmans. The underpass is located in the same area as De Centrale As and its integrated design is aligned with the project. The wall covering with tiles was specifically designed for this underpass and inspired by the work of landscape architect Gerrit Vlaskamp⁠.

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UQ international Architecture Lecture

Marijn Schenk is speaking today in Brisbane about architecture, design, and its impact on the world: an architecture that connects.

The lecture is part of the 2019 UQ international architecture lecture series: a partnership between State Library of Queensland and The University of Queensland’s School of Architecture.

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Keynote lecture in Tallin

The awards ceremony for the ECOLA Award for the Use of Render in Architecture and the European Conference of Leading Architects is taking place in Tallin on 27 September.

We are excited to be part of this special programme. Bart Reuser will be Tallin during the conference to give a keynote presentation on materiality and developing crafts.

Focus of the presentation will be on a series of projects by NEXT in which the relation between material and form plays a central role, including the new glass pavilion of the Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the endless steel staircase of The Elastic Perspective.

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Our people are our asset

Why Human Resources (HR) is a crucial part of the business strategy of an architecture firm.

"Of course it is nice if you organise fun team activities, but for a well-functioning team it is much more important that people feel that they are taken seriously and that they are the owners of their career development", says Marieke van 't Hoff, office manager at NEXT architects in an interview with BNA Academy.

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China Business Week

We are happy to announce that Marijn Schenk is invited to give a presentation during the RVO China Business Week which takes place next month.

For 5 years now, the China Business Week is being organised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to inform and support Dutch companies with an interest in working in China.

In the session "Circular & bio-based building," Marijn is sharing some of NEXT's insights and lessons-learned of working in China.

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Little Mystic Channel Work session in Boston

This Friday 19 July Michel Schreinemachers is co-leading the design work session on Little Mystic Channel during the three-day economic mission in Boston.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, and Presidentof of the Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) Mark A. Thompson are visiting the design work session to hear more about the opportunities for this unique area.

The Little Mystic Channel is a forgotten corner of the waterfront with the potential to be a twenty-acre waterfront park 1 km from the USS Constitution and adjacent to 3,500 public housing residents. The land is entirely owned by multiple public agencies. What are the opportunities to develop a heat- and flood-resilient waterfront park? 


International coverage BAB

Last week the Bicycle Architecture Biennial kicked-off during WeMaketheCity Festival in Amsterdam.

The exhibition was featured in international magazines and newspapers, including:

The Guardian
Fast Company
The Independent
Het Financieele Dagblad
- Designboom
- World Economic Forum

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Shortlist Landezine Landscape Awards

Two of our project i.c.w. H+N+S Landscape Architects are shortlisted for the Landezine International Landscape Awards (LILA) 2019 in the category Infrastructure. 

De Centrale As: the design and careful integration of a motorway into the northern Frisian landscape. The road also includes artworks, ecological passages and hopover bicycle bridges.

IJsseldelta: part of the national water safety programme Room for the River. In order to ensure safe water flow from the IJssel river, a new river branch has been designed in the IJsseldelta, creating 350 ha of new delta nature.

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Video IJsseldelta

This new video gives a beautiful bird's-eye-view of the new landscape around the Reevediep. 

Ruimte voor de Rivier IJsseldelta is a large-scale infrastructure project with a real impact on the geography of the Netherlands: the creation of the Reevediep saw the realisation of 20 km of dykes and 350 ha on new delta nature. It combined water safety and spatial quality. NEXT was closely involved in the realisation of Room for the River IJsseldelta within the consortium Isala Delta - with a.o. Boskalis and Van Hattum en Blankevoort. NEXT was also part of the spatial development team headed by H+N+S Landscape architects.

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Interview Monocle Magazine

International Monocle Magazine visited our office and wrote this beautiful article in the latest April issue.

"Bridges have long long bound our societies together. But in recent years their roles in our cities has changed, reinvigorating the urban realm."

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Nomination Marcus Prize

We are honoured to be nominated for the Marcus Prize, an international architectural prize awarded every 2 years to "recognize the talent and achievements of architects at the beginning of their greatness."

The award is supported by the Marcus Corporation Foundation and administered by the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Previous winners include: Winy Maas (MVRDV), Joshua Prince-Ramus (REX), Sou Fujimoto, Diébédo Francis Kéré, Alejandro Aravena, and Frank Barkow (Barkow Leibinger). 

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Call for projects Bicycle Architecture Biennale

Bicycle Architecture Biennale to open in June is looking for the most inspiring projects. Apply before 15 April 2019.

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) is a prestigious showcase of cutting edge and high profile architecture that facilitates bicycle uptake around the world. After a successful first edition in 2017/18, inspiring thousands of visitors to imagine new possibilities for urban living, the BAB will return in June, and applications for entry are now open.

→ more info and apply


Radio 1: A testcase for a sustainable airline industry

John van de Water, partner NEXT architects Beijing speaks on Radio 1 News about NEXT's most recent Chinese projects, a.o. the new Shanghe airport and the transformation of a former mine area.

"Airports are known as one of the most polluting architectural projects. In Shanghe we want to build a testcase for a more sustainable airline industry" explain John van de Water.

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