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VRIJDAG Cultural Centre

Cultural centre that opens for all VRIJDAG gives home to creative spaces and interaction, with no barriers to enter... → view project

Beijing Times Square

Beijing Times Square' is a mixed-use project located in the center of Beijing Fangshan District. It is completely... → view project

Silo Zeeburgereiland

NEXT, in collaboration with DubbelL, Rialto and Ovium, created the plan for a FilmSilo in the former fermentation... → view project

Palace Het Loo

Palace Het Loo is a unique ensemble consisting of a late seventeenth-century palace, baroque gardens, a stables and a... → view project

Frans Hals Museum

In 2018, the Frans Hals Museum and De Hallen Haarlem fused into one museum under the name Frans Hals Museum: a museum... → view project

Community building Woensel-West

Breaking ground on the Woensel West community building, the end of two decades of district renewal is in sight.... → view project

Holland Boulevard and Rijksmuseum Schiphol

You can wander through the Dutch polder landscape while at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The landscape was the main... → view project

Amsterdam Museum

How can we give form to a city museum that wants to simultaneously tell about the past and the future? This was the... → view project

Growth Monument

A monument to represent the blossoming and flourishing of the city of Tilburg, a ‘textielgroeimonument’... → view project

The Green Room

The Green Room project aims to bring man closer to nature. On the outskirts of the Dutch town Tilburg it acts as a... → view project

Holland Dafang Creative Village

China has undergone an unprecedented urbanisation process, from being a predominant rural society to having an... → view project

Forest Pavilion Loenen

The pavilion for commemoration and educational is located in Loenen’s dense forest. The building brings... → view project

Rose Museum

On 23 May 2016, the world’s first Rose Museum officially opened to the public. This is the same day as the... → view project

Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning

The urban planning exhibition museum has been realized in just nine months from competition to opening. The museum is... → view project

Heden Den Haag

For the Artoteek in Den Haag, renovated by Bos Rosdorff Wiebing architects, NEXT architects developed the interior... → view project