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MY college

The winning proposal for the new educational building for MY college in Spijkenisse, The Netherland is created by... → view project

International School Utrecht

School around a green heart The ISUtrecht is designed with a wide range of different, open and closed learning... → view project

HDM sports and health centre

In the next few months Hockey club HDM and its sports centre will undergo a huge metamorphosis. Apart from a new... → view project

The Green Room

The Green Room project aims to bring man closer to nature. On the outskirts of the Dutch town Tilburg it acts as a... → view project

Bargiekaai KU Leuven

Anchored in the landscape, the Bargiekaai project, which consists of two volumes, is the first major construction... → view project

UvA Science Park

NEXT and Christensen & Co, i.c.w. Pieters Bouwtechniek and Bremen Bouwadviseurs, made a design for the new... → view project

Campus Uilenstede

This project is an excellent example of how even cost-friendly measures can have a major influence on the way in... → view project

Hestia Daycare

Child-care centre Hestia is located on the second story of a EEA-designed multifunctional building, in which schools... → view project

Beijing Normal University dorm

Chinese university dormitories are strictly divided worlds of girls and boys. For this typical university dormitory,... → view project

Oog in al School Utrecht

In one fluent movement the bicycle route, park and school are joined together in a coherent infrastructure, building... → view project

Forest Pavilion Loenen

The pavilion for commemoration and educational is located in Loenen’s dense forest. The building brings... → view project


This building was designed like a city. At the Hestia Daycare Centre children go on a voyage of discovery and explore... → view project

Campus Woudestein

For the Rotterdam Erasmus University, NEXT architects designed the student pavilion Woudenstein in... → view project