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Greenest Road of Brabant (N69)

The ‘Greenest Road of Brabant’ makes geographical connections and embodies the connection between... → view project


The Zalige bridge in Nijmegen is the key project linked to water and its uses within the urban river park that was... → view project


In Eindhoven Noordwest, dichtbij de luchthaven en de A2, wordt een nieuwe, grootschalige campus voor de High Tech... → view project

De Centrale As - N356

Construction of the N356 De Centrale As, a highway connecting the N31 south of Burgum with the Dokkum ring road, is a... → view project

Vlotwatering Bridge

The Vlotwateringbrug or popularly ‘batbridge’ has opened for the public in the beginning of October. The... → view project

De Adaptieve Dijk

The water rises, the dikes are getting higher and higher. What can we do more with a dike besides widening and... → view project

Wooden Diekloper bridge

The new wooden Diekloper bridge in Delfzijl provides a natural connection between the city and the sea. In a... → view project


Room for the River IJsseldelta is a large-scale infrastructure project with a real impact on the geography of the... → view project

Shanghe airport

NEXT architects has been commissioned by the People’s Government of Shanghe - Shandong province to plan and... → view project

Lucky Knot

The new steel pedestrian bridge in the Chinese mega city Changsha is 185 metres long and 24 metres high and fits... → view project

Melkweg bridge

The Melkwegbridge is a location with an identity of its own. Extending over the Noordhollandsch Canal, it connects... → view project

Access road Amersfoort West

To improve the traffic flow on the west side of Amersfoort a new route is being realised. The 2km long auto route... → view project


The Noordwaard is one of the 39 major projects within the 'Room for the River' strategy which focuses on... → view project

Dafne Schippers Bicycle Bridge

This unique design integrates a bicycle and pedestrian bridge with a school and a park into one cohesive whole. As... → view project


The RijnlandRoute is the new road connection between the A4 and Katwijk in the Netherlands. This new provincial road... → view project

Tramsquare Purmerend and Avia gas station

Purmerend’s new Tram Square is a place for encounters. For many years, this area around the canal was... → view project

Lighting Design De Centrale As

How to light a road that has been so carefully integrated into the national landscape of the Noardlike Fryske... → view project

Bridges Enschede

To reconcile the rather contradictory aim of transporting motor-vehicle traffic through the ecological zone of the... → view project