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Windesheim bridges

The monumental estate Windesheim has been enriched with eight new bridges, designed by NEXT architects. Together they... → view project

It Goddeloas Fiersicht

As a ground drilling through time, the landmark ‘It Goddeloas Fiersicht’ connects past and present to... → view project

Growth Monument

A monument to represent the blossoming and flourishing of the city of Tilburg, a ‘textielgroeimonument’... → view project

Forum Stairs

The project brief asked for a interior design for a young and ambitious Chinese architecture company in Beijing,... → view project

Glowing Caterpillar

This large artwork functions as an enormous space divider that can transform its size as well as its character. The... → view project

Table tennis fence, Share fence & Bicycle fence

New types of contact exceed physical boundaries. Neither the relation between the public and private nor the... → view project

Maaspoints: Water Woods

On the south side of the Van Brienenoord island in the Maas river in Rotterdam, NEXT architects, and H+N+S Landscape... → view project

Hoge Blekker Watchtower

How do you create a touristic landmark that catches people’s attention whilst fluidly merging with the... → view project

Slow Glow / FAT lamp

NEXT architects designed the FAT Lamp for the Droog presentation ‘Go Slow’ during the Salone del Mobile... → view project

Circle Path

Design for 1 hectare 'museum'-forest → view project

Bicycle Architecture Biennale

NEXT architects curated the Bicycle Architecture Biennale 2019/20, an exhibition of outstanding, built environment... → view project

The Elastic Perspective

The design consists of a circular stair which leads the visitor up to a height that allows an unhindered view of the... → view project

Modern Architecture Game

Playing is knowing. Test your knowledge of the greatest architects, their famous buildings and legendary quotes. → view project

Drytech 3 | Spacer Chair

In the context of ‘Drytech 3’, NEXT architects, in collaboration with Studio Samira Boon, manufactured... → view project

Ready Made Bookshelf

More than any other object, a filled bookcase reflects the identity of its owner. → view project